Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Got Peace?

We are studying the fruit of the Spirit on Sunday nights.  So far, we've looked at love, joy and this past Sunday, peace.  We spent a lot of time defining and describing peace.  A few of the results were...
  • calm
  • quiet
  • free of chaos or strife
  • serenity
  • being right with God
  • being right with others
Scripture defines a godly woman as one with a meek, and quiet spirit.  I think she has an aura of peace that those around her cannot miss.  I so desire to be that woman.

Lately, I have felt "not at peace" about a couple of projects.  One I've been involved with for awhile, and the other was a new project I'd been offered.  You know that uneasy feeling you can't get away from.  I have experienced the uncomfortable feeling of being challenged and stretched by God when He calls me to something new as well.  When I know God has told me to do it, I just have to step out in faith, beyond the discomfort.  This time I wasn't sure if God was telling to do it, so, I finally let them go. (secretly hoping and praying I was making right choice)

Not too long ago, I accidentally visited a site I rarely go to, and I saw they were seeking pastor's wives to write devotionals for a book that will be given to pastor's wives at the SBC National Meeting in June.  I thought, "I want to do that."  So, I sent her my information, thinking they would never select me and forgot about it.  Yesterday, I got the email that I will be writing one!  I don't know my topic yet, but I have perfect peace about it. The "funny" thing about all of this, is every single project involved writing or speaking to minister's wives.

I couldn't help but wonder if it was in letting go of the things I wasn't supposed to do...that the thing I am supposed to do then came to me?   I thought of the milk campaign, "Got Milk?" when I started to write this post.  What sort of picture would illustrate, "Got Peace?"

My daily scripture yesterday was Proverbs 16:1..."We can make our own plans, but the Lord gives the right answer." (NLT)  How timely.

So, how about you....Got Peace?



Faith said...

What an awesome opportunity for you! I know you have so much wisdom to offer and you are already a blessing to so many. Excited for you!

Alex and Jill said...

Proud of you, Mama! And can't wait to read the devotionals!