Friday, June 22, 2012

Random thoughts...

This week, my precious Lord has brought several various and wonderful things to me. Books, Bible studies, quotes (I LOVE quotes), blogs, recipes, beautiful things, visits with my children...MUSIC. 

  • Delight me
  • Inspire me
  • Challenge me
  • Fill me
  • Soothe me
  • Convict me of sin

Isn't He GOOD???

I jokingly say that I am the most trained woman in the world - a gross overstatement.  I will, though, have much to give account for when I meet my Savior face to face.  I want to know about every ministry, how to do it...I want to do every Bible study.  I am always manage to gain one truth from each study, but in no way could I say I have successfully applied every truth from every study to my life.
Here's a sample:

  • Sign Language
  • Clowning
  • English as a 2nd Language
  • Women's Ministry - (have almost completed basic certificate)
  • Crisis Pregnancy/Abortion Trauma/women in Crisis
  • Christian Education
  • More Bible Studies than I can count
  • Leadership Training
What does this mean to me?  I am accountable. 

I am reminded He is always working on me, and in me, and through me. He always has my best at heart,
even then I can’t see or understand this. I can TRUST Him.

I don’t always like myself...but He DOES.

I don’t have any power to change myself...but He stands ready to do it, if I will just cooperate. Lately, I have felt very inadequate...somewhat frustrated...dissatisfied.  These feelings drive me to His Word. And He has been faithful to point out things in me that needed to be addressed, changed, repented of, abandoned forever if possible.  Isn't He FAITHFUL??

I am SO thankful for the age, the place, and the family (both physical and spiritual) He has chosen for
me. In this stage of my life (sigh), I believe I may already be in “winter” – I am thankful He is allowing
me to invest in the lives of others. I am trying to be sensitive to His Spirit and willing to spend myself
and my resources to enrich the lives of show the help promote simply
demonstrate love. I am equally as thankful for those He sends to enrich my life, love me and invest in me.

We live in a marvelous age of technology...we are exposed to more teaching and resources than any age
before (which will bring a higher level of accountability). We get updates to let us know when there are
new books, new experiences through which others have learned more about our Father – and
they share it with us!  I am so thankful for these obedient ones, who faithfully share what God has done in their life.

So thankful, Lord!

What came your way this week?  What blessed you?  Challenged you?  Convicted you?  I am sure He has been around your place this week too!


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Belinda and the King

Today, I watched Anna and the King, the remake of the much older The King and I - classic movies.  As I watched this time, though, I noticed something I'd never noticed before...the authority, the honor...the obedience given to the King.   No matter what the King said or was right and it was done immediately - he is the King!

In this America where I live, we do not have kings.  We are taught independence and initiative and to think for ourselves.  Our allegiance is given only where we choose to give it. Who have we ever bowed to? Whose commands do we jump to obey?  I can think of no one.  Even our leaders are held in disdain, many times due to their own behavior and character, or lack thereof.

Maybe this is why we do not honor Our KING, Our Savior, the King of Kings as we should?  Jesus, My King is always right.  He is always good.  His character is above reproach, it is His character we all come short of.  He deserves all glory, all honor, all praise and definitely my highest esteem and obedience.

My life will be titled, Belinda and the King.  How will it be read?  Will I please my King, or bring Him shame.  God is recording every aspect of my life, even my thoughts and motives.  I hope to remember this lesson I learned today...and give Him the honor due Him...and live pleasing to Him.  What a wonderful King we have!