Friday, February 26, 2010

Blessings of the Week

Last Thursday, I painted my bathroom..

I love it!  I have had this leopard shower curtain in a stark white bathroom too long.  Everytime I go in now, I just savor the color.  It's like a balm to my spirit.  (must be a female thing)

Sunday, our anniverary, I played a joke on Jay...he left me an anniversary love note written on our pantry door chalkboard. 
Before he could point it out to me...I switched the names making it from me to him! 

Poor Jay...he doesn't have a chance.

This week we spent two days at Mt. Magazine Lodge ...

Very nice!!!!!

Fireplace - isn't that what you think of when one says "lodge" and "winter"?


Bedroom w/jacuzzi (excuse bags and purse).

This was a gift from our congregation for Pastor's Appreciation!  We are so blessed.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

41 Years

41 years ago, today, Jay and I married.  41 years sounds like a long, long time.  Sometimes, it feels like several lifetimes.  What a ride we have had...
  • Moved to Washington state after only being married 4 months...homesick!!!!
  • Started our family
  • Moved to Alaska
  • Moved back to Washington
  • Jay called to preach
  • Moved back to Arkansas
  • I got saved at Bogg Springs Baptist Camp
  • Moved to Little Rock to attend seminary
  • Pastoring
  • Moved to Alaska again
  • Moved back to Arkansas
  • Leading Christian schools
  • Six
  • Moved to Little Rock...again
  • Pastoring
  • Children grown, married,
  • Stepping out in faith, leaving pastorate, not knowing where we are going
  • Moved to the Delta...flat land...crops...cotton
  • Leaving behind our children...12 grandchildren
  • Wonderful new church family
  • As I write's bedtime and we have a broken pipe in the bathroom wall, water everywhere...can't shower...LOL!
A very brief summary of a lifetime of experiences together.   I couldn't begin to write them all.
What a rich, wonderful life!

41 years isn't so long....we've many experiences ahead...Lord willing.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Valentine

Sunday morning, my sweet hubby said, "Did you see your valentine?"  I looked at him with a blank expression that clearly stated, "Say what?"  So, he repeated, "Did you see your valentine?" also gesturing toward the doorway.  I looked, saw nothing and looked at him again.

Finally, he moved and pointed at the pantry door...

Awww, gotta love him!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Last week, I watched as my Daddy drew his final breaths.  Each pause grew longer and longer, until there was no more.  I waited for the next...and it seemed as if time stood still.  The next morning, that was the thing that impacted me the most.  Time did NOT stand still.  Everything went right along as before.

For my Daddy, time stopped.  He entered eternity, where there is no time.  But for us, the sand is still falling through the hourglass of the lifetime God has set for you and me.

We are commanded to "redeem the time" - buy it back, make it worthwhile. Don't waste any of it, if you can!   "Only one life will soon be past - only what's done for Christ will last." 

Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Daddy

He was the first man I ever loved Can you see how cool he was? He shaped my life and made me who I am. I was always his little girl and he did every thing he could for me. He could do anything, fix anything and build anything. He was so talented, gifted and smart!  I could go on and on with all he was and did, but let me just say that I was proud to be his daughter. He had many names to others, but he was my Daddy.

This week, I had to let my Daddy heaven.

Since we realized Daddy's cancer was terminal, I've had one prayer - for good last days and a quick passing.  Tuesday started well, but as the day progressed, his condition deteriorated.

Only later could we see how God led us to make decisions that allowed to have individual final words of love and affirmation and him to pass with dignity in privacy with his family.  Not many get to do that in this day and age. 

We do not grieve as those who have no hope - our hope is in Christ, our Resurrected Savior.  We can only imagine the glorious welcome committee that met Daddy when he arrived: Jesus, his mother and father, his brothers and sisters, and my little one (I'm somewhat jealous that he got to meet her first).  We rejoice to know he is no longer in pain.

Right now, we cry - but we smile through our tears as we share stories and more often than not, we end up in laughter, because Daddy enriched our lives.  He loved life.  He brought laughter and joy in our lives.  We miss him so!

And in case you are wondering...God did give him good last days - he made it through his 80th birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas and my brother's birthday party.  He also had an unbelievably quick passage into his heavenly reward.  God is good!

"Lord, this morning (although it's always morning there), please hug my Daddy, kiss him and tell him I send all my love.  I'll see him as soon as I get there!"