Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wonderful Rainy Day

Today is a wonderful, rainy day. The skies are overcast and there is a gentle rain falling. I love these days, always have. When I was young, these were the days I brought out my paper dolls to play with. (I know you younger girls will be saying, what are paper dolls???) Today, I will be sewing, no more paper dolls for me! I know there are some who get depressed when the sun isn't out, but not me! I love the dark cloudy days. It's cooler outside due to the rain as well. I remember when my eldest child, Chris, was small. He was afraid of the thunder and lightning. I would tell him God is watering the earth, so we would have water to drink and the plants could grow. This would give us food as well. After that, he would always say when the rain came, God is watering the earth, isn't He, Mama? Aren't you thankful God has given us the four seasons? How monotonous if we only had summer or winter, all year long. We get weary of the heat or the cold and we know it's only temporary. We can be assured there is another season coming soon for us to enjoy ( or not!).

This little guy was in my backyard taking a bath! He and his mate (who ran when I went to photograph) are sitting out enjoying the rain. He would take his paws and rub over his face, like he was washing himself.

My ferns soaking up the rain.

Thank you, Lord, for wonderful, rainy days!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

So small...

My daughter recently advised me to get and view a couple of dvd's and last week, I ordered them. I watched them the past couple of nights. They are How Great Is Our God and Indescriable by Louie Giglio. I'm inserting a couple of photos from the Hubble telescope that he used in these dvd's. The psalmist wrote, "The heavens are telling the glory of God"... and ..."when I consider the works of thy fingers, the moon and the stars, what is man that Thou art mindful of him." When someone comes along who can explain the immense size of the universe - WOW! We tend to bring God down to our size, don't we? The universe is so vast, we can't really get our minds around it. And scripture tells us the earth is "His footstool" and that He "measures the heavens with his hand". That's a mighty large foot in my opinion and a ginormous hand! I think it was Steven C. Chapman who wrote the song, "God is God and I'm not." How great is our God! And how small am I...

The Milky Way - where we live. If you can click and enlarge - you can see our tiny Earth.

This is the Crab Nebula - one of God's magnificent creations light years away from Earth.
Isn't it beautful?
I highly recommend the two dvds - they can be found at Christian Cinema.com or cbd.com.
Get a new look at the greatness of out Wonderful God and The Creator, Jesus Christ!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Isn't it amazing how God created women to "nest"? It's been said that only a woman understands the difference between off-white and ecru. As a rule, women need to feather their nest - so to speak - to make the home warm and inviting - beautiful in their own estimation. Well, this weekend, I've been "feathering"! I have had several projects I've been wanting to do. Plus a friend and I went to an auction today. I bid and got my first auction item, ever! I was the high bidder for a card table. LOL! Then we went to T.J. Maxx and Tuesday Morning, my two favorite places to find bargains. You can't see it, but this flower container has roosters on it, which goes with my rooster kitchen - and the red geraniums go with the red in my kitchen! Friday, I went to Wal-Mart and got supplies to make a wreath for my front door. I love hydrangeas - and here it is! I got one new pillow and recycled an old into leopard!

My son, Cary, recently finished framing a painting Sara made for me. It is the scripture of one generation sharing with the next. I recovered pillows to go with the purple scheme.

On the adjoining wall, I have pictures of the next generation - mychildren.

I feel very good about my "nest" at the moment, very fulfilled.

Maybe you will be inspired to do a little "feathering" of your own!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Unique Creations

Today, I'm thinking about two of my grandchildren, who came to see me this past week. What a joy! My three sons and one daughter-in-love, Sara, also came. Once again, God impressed me with how uniquely He has made each one of us.
My sons, Chris - Cary - Andrew, are so different. You mothers out there - you know what I am talking about. Each one has unique abilities and talents. They actually complement each other very well. It's almost as if God said, "This family needs this and this and this in order to function." When you add our daughters and their husbands and my sons' wives - there is hardly anything we need, that we cannot do. Martha, my SS teacher, asked me, "Do you ever hire anything done?" I answered (truthfully), "Hardly ever."
My two youngest grandchildren, Kandace and Jackson, are just as unique. Jackson is your typical firstborn son - he never stops, is endlessly searching for something to get into, but quick to give loves and kisses - of course he is the older of the two. Kandace, is content to lie and play - quick to smile when you speak to her.
God is so creative. He so loves diversity. How wonderful that there is only one of me (my husband would amen that!) How wonderful that we were blessed with 6 totally unique children and their mates and 10 unique grandchildren. There is so much to appreciate and love!

Friday, April 3, 2009

So Many Blessings

Wednesday was a wonderful day. It was Andrew's birthday - my baby is 28 years old - unbelievable. He's a very special man and we are very proud of him. We also learned Jill and Alex are expecting one baby - and heard a very strong and to us, amazing heartbeat! We all gasped when it suddenly came through the monitor. The nurse patted me and said, "I'm even in tears!" LOL! God is so good - as some say - ALL THE TIME! It is so comforting to know even in the bad times - He is good. He always has our best at heart. How great is that? I can go through anything knowing He is in control of my life and orchestrating the very best outcome for me. I know He is doing the same for my children and grandchildren too. So many blessings, let me count them...