Saturday, May 29, 2010


Wednesday night after church, I headed for Batesville to help my mother redecorate her bedroom. 

I forgot about "before" pics, until I had already started taking things down...


Chest in the corner

Seating - Daddy's old recliner

New bedding was already in place...notice border (which would not come off.)

And after...

It's hard to tell, but walls are now white with the faintest touch of green...border gone!

Oops, took this one too soon...imagine with the new white lamp on the table.  The top pillow is made out one of Daddy's shirts (He went to heaven in February) by a dear friend.

New seating area. Amazing what paint and fabric can do!
Old carpet gone...down to the hardwood.

My grandmother's ribbon handles...newly painted mirror...
(my reflection is added bonus)

Ribbon pulls close-up...recreated from one I saw...was easy!

Simple wreath (dusted with white paint) and adorned with fern fronds.

Can you guess my mom's name?  


All done in 2 days.  I am one tired puppy...sore, aching muscles from head to toe...bruises and scrapes from lugging furniture in and out of the house...working a screwdriver and a drill...but I will recover. Flip side? I have a happy mother who I hope feels loved and special...
who has her own feminine space for the first time ever.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Most Important Thing

When God gave me was a busy time...a tired time and looking back...the best of times.  I tried to keep them small...keep them from the world...keep them close as long as I could.  But you know what?  Kids grow up and that's a good thing.  God in His wisdom allows us many years to train our children.  They are not like pets which mature in only a year or's takes 18-20+ years by God's design.

I am more blessed than most...having six children...three boys and three girls. 

Are they perfect?  No.  They are your typical PK's (preacher's kids) - not as good as maybe they ought to be...but not as bad as many believed.  LOL!  They are all grown up now... married...all but one with children of their own.  I am blessed to be able to say they are my best friends.  I am very pleased with the adults they have become.

The parent of adult children has a very different place.  I watch as they raise their children...I give advice when I am asked...I still love unconditionally...pray without ceasing...hurt when they hurt.  I suffer with them when trials and troubles all I can to alleviate and help. 

I can say without question along with John..."I have no greater joy than to know my children walk in truth."  It was my job not just to raise them, but to disciple them for Jesus Christ.  What if every parent realized their true job as a parent?  Yes, food and clothing and education and a place to live are very important...but not the most important.  The most important thing is for our children to know and love and serve Jesus, to make Him first in their heart and life.

The most important thing for me to continue to be faithful and live for Christ.  For my children to see a living example throughout my life.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Show Us Your Life - Favorite Books

I have always loved to read.  In school, it was mainly whatever was in the school library...



Boy, am I dating myself - although this has to be a new cover for Wuthering Heights.

As an adult...I used to love Mary Higgins Clark even though her books scared me to death!

But now...I stick to Christian novels, books that will edify or build me up.  I am very careful what I allow to go "in".

These and cookbooks are my reading pleasure now.
That is my life.


I have tried to post for almost 2 weeks, to no avail.  You bloggers know...sometimes you've just have nothing to say.

I have come to enjoy blogland, made up of  food blogs...decorating blogs...devotional blogs...and creative blogs.  I am especially blessed when I discover the blogger is a follower of Jesus Christ - an instant connection! (There are lots of these women out there!)

Lately, I've noticed a trend...more young women are creating new things out of old...trying to create a lovely home on a budget...striving to raise their children to know and love Jesus.

Creative....such as...

 Mustard Seed Creations...

How cool is this?  An old dresser, painted white and decoupaged with old sheet music (an instant seller for me!)

And this...

 Alchemy about wallpapering with newspapers?  Very budget conscious.

Another thing I've noticed is ...white.  Everything is white...the furniture...the walls, the accessories...the linens...the floors...the lighting - white.  Here's just a sampling:

 My Sweet Savannah


 Dreamy Whites.

At first, I was a little put off, but I find it is growing on me.  So feminine and clean looking...but
I live in a world of dark leather and darkly stained furniture, florals and prints from Home Interior! This makes the prospect or likelihood of my going "white" quite slim.  And when I try to create some thing of rarely turns out.  LOL!

I am most successful with food blogs - imagine that!  Me?  New Recipe?  I have notebooks full of recipes I am waiting for the appropriate time to try.  And I must say, I have more success with food. This morning I tried SoNo Brownies ...can't remember which blog they were on...but they turned out exactly like the picture.  I brought them to work to honor two of my co-workers - Torya, just graduated from the U of A, and Romona, was named Educator of the Year by Cooperative Extension Service - Congratulations, Girls! The brownies were perfect.

So, I guess I will continue to enjoy "meeting" others in the Body...and admire their lovely creations. I'm sure I will continue to try new recipes that look scrumptious and aren't too difficult. I will work hard not to covet the lovely white homes and rooms that looks so appealing.  I will continue to be blessed by those who are learning and growing in the Lord...and those who are rearing their children for Him. All being shared with the world through blogland.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Stormy Night

Last night was a stormy one.  Storms remind of two things:
  • We are not in had better have trust in God. Satan used storms in his attack on Job.  Job lost all his children, livestock...all his wealth.  When storms come...we have absolutely no control over the storm, only over how we respond.
  • Fear can take over... Years ago we lived in a little community that was in what they call "tornado row".  Tornadoes came through on a regular basis.  Our little house sat atop a small hill and one night, the storms came.  We began to go from the front yard to the back yard, watching the sky.  It was night - we couldn't see anything unless the lightning lit the sky for a moment.  But I felt fear taking over my heart and mind.  That night I learned I have a choice.  I can watch the sky every second and let fear rule my heart...or I can check the news, use wisdom and pray for God's protection.  There is a peace in praying, in trusting, no matter what comes.
This morning I've read about communities where tornadoes touched down leaving destruction and death behind.  My heart hurts for those folks.  I've also read about friends and family who went to storm cellars...who lost power for awhile, but who are safe.  I am praying for those who are hurting today.

My husband is going to be hurting in a small way when he sees the back yard. 

Yesterday, he planted our small garden - tomatoes, peppers, squash and cucumbers - the things we dearly love.  See the tomatoes barely peeking out above the water?  I am praying the water continues to recede quickly...or there may be replanting in his future.

And this is our street...

The water reflects the top of the wheels, but it is actually up to the is flowing like a river.
I've never seen it like this!

But there is good news too...we got to have Jackson, Millie and of course Cary and Sara come visit on Thursday.  This always means much laughter.  This child is hilarious...

Papa popped popcorn...see?

We have much to be thankful for...families who are safe after a stormy night...and most of all, a God Who is in control no matter what comes our way.