Saturday, May 1, 2010

Stormy Night

Last night was a stormy one.  Storms remind of two things:
  • We are not in had better have trust in God. Satan used storms in his attack on Job.  Job lost all his children, livestock...all his wealth.  When storms come...we have absolutely no control over the storm, only over how we respond.
  • Fear can take over... Years ago we lived in a little community that was in what they call "tornado row".  Tornadoes came through on a regular basis.  Our little house sat atop a small hill and one night, the storms came.  We began to go from the front yard to the back yard, watching the sky.  It was night - we couldn't see anything unless the lightning lit the sky for a moment.  But I felt fear taking over my heart and mind.  That night I learned I have a choice.  I can watch the sky every second and let fear rule my heart...or I can check the news, use wisdom and pray for God's protection.  There is a peace in praying, in trusting, no matter what comes.
This morning I've read about communities where tornadoes touched down leaving destruction and death behind.  My heart hurts for those folks.  I've also read about friends and family who went to storm cellars...who lost power for awhile, but who are safe.  I am praying for those who are hurting today.

My husband is going to be hurting in a small way when he sees the back yard. 

Yesterday, he planted our small garden - tomatoes, peppers, squash and cucumbers - the things we dearly love.  See the tomatoes barely peeking out above the water?  I am praying the water continues to recede quickly...or there may be replanting in his future.

And this is our street...

The water reflects the top of the wheels, but it is actually up to the is flowing like a river.
I've never seen it like this!

But there is good news too...we got to have Jackson, Millie and of course Cary and Sara come visit on Thursday.  This always means much laughter.  This child is hilarious...

Papa popped popcorn...see?

We have much to be thankful for...families who are safe after a stormy night...and most of all, a God Who is in control no matter what comes our way.


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The Disheroons said...

That is a lot of water. Maybe your garden will just be watered real good and not a lost.