Wednesday, November 2, 2011

And two months later...

Here I am again.  I don't know where the past two months have gone.  That's one thing about passes...and then it's forever gone.  Our life is kind of on hiatus right now. Everything has come to a little bit of a standstill.  Jay had 5 bypasses in his heart 2 weeks ago today.  He is doing so well, and I have become his nurse.  It's a privilege to do so.  I can tell how he is by what he focuses on.  At first, he was in so much pain - he didn't focus on anything else, naturally.  Now, his leg has begun to get some of his attention.  I know his boredom will be next!

God is so good.  We are trying to listen and see what He wants to show us about Himself during this "down" time.

One blessing in all this is that we've gotten to see our children and grandchildren a whole lot MORE!  I have laughed more in the past two weeks than in a long time.  Our youngest grandchildren are 2, 2 and almost 4 and what a hoot! So funny...a delight.  Our children are awesome.  I've always known it, and they just prove it over and over again.  They are showing their parents how much they love us...and "requiting" us above and beyond their raising, believe me.

The outpouring of prayer on Jay's behalf has also been amazing.  This is why he is doing so well. Our church family has been so faithful to pray, bring food and send cards...some 3 and 4 times! They are taking care of us.

We praise God for His love...His mercy that is new every morning...His grace that enables us.  How can we keep from praising His Name?  We are SO blessed.