Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Precious Words...Precious Freedom

Isn't it a little ironic that the great brouhaha (is that spelled right?) created by a businessman verbalizing his own beliefs - that his words have brought down great wrath upon him - in a country where we are said to have freedom to express words?  It is becoming evident, that some would allow us the freedom to express views they agree with and no more. 

The truth is...the truth hurts. It and of itself - it exposes lies.  It is Light and it exposes darkness. God's Word always evokes a does not return to Him "void" or without effect.  It moves people - we either receive His Word or we reject it.  We cannot ride the fence...we cannot be neutral.

One of  my favorite quotes (I do not know who said it.) is: "All it requires for evil to for good men to do nothing." Today, many of my fellow Americans got up and did something!  What a blessing to witness!  One of my nephews said they waited in line one hour.  I could not help but think - what is one hour? Our founding fathers pledged their lives, their fortunes, their sacred honor to birth this nations of laws and freedoms.  They gave everything. 

The truth is...God is Right.  We can oppose Him all we want and that does not change.  We can ignore what He says, go our own way, accept the lies of our enemy - He is still Right.  I pray I do not offend anyone - I shouldn't.  But if what God says offend them, I am sorry - they have a problem with Him, not me.  I do not judge anyone - He already has (John 3:18) and He has generously and graciously provided the Remedy - Jesus!

It is the Precious Word that gives all of us our precious freedom.  We must remember and be willing to take a stand, to do something or we will soon find ourselves with no freedom at all.