Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Real Snow Day

No worship services today...this is truly a "snow day".  I always enjoy being off from work, but somehow - being "off" from worshiping with our church body leaves one feeling a little off kilter (I've no idea what a kilter is) - a little empty, something is missing.

Years ago, we would try to get to 'church' no matter the weather.  One Sunday, we drove around in a near blizzard just looking for a church that was meeting.  Finally had to go home.  One memorable Sunday, we attempted to get to our services after an ice event...only to suddenly find ourselves flying down the road sideways and end up centering our hood in a tree!  The only injury was my broken wrist, thankfully.  We learned something that time.  What exactly were we trying to prove?

You've heard people say, "I think God understands."  Sometimes, I'll admit, this is an annoying statement.  We use this to justify what we want to do.  But honestly, God has all the information.  Yeah, He understands completely.  If I am just making excuses - God knows it - He sees my heart. 

Was it wise to drive in a blizzard just to have worship services?  Not much.  Was it wise to endanger the lives of our family to get to church on the ice?  Nope.  But it all goes back to the heart.  Why do we do what we do?  Are we trying to merit favor?  Impossible!  Are we worried about what others think?  Sometimes.   Is it that important to gather together in corporate worship? Absolutely! God teaches the importance of the church corporate, in fact, the word church means "a called out assembly".  But when we can't assemble, can we worship at home?  Yes!

Here's what I see outside this morning  - it is 10 degrees, roads are covered in ice.

I wish my camera could pick up the glistening twinkling of the sun on the snow.
My backyard makes me think of being "washed whiter than snow"...
Not a footprint or pawprint!

Lord, I cannot join with my church body and worship today - but I worship You!
I see everything You have made and I am in awe of  You!  You have covered my
sin with Your blood and washed me whiter than snow.  WOW!  Thank you, Jesus.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Random thoughts about communicating...

Well, I am in Little Rock for a couple of days - I will get to see my kids and grandkids!

This is what I enjoyed last night...

Yes, It's Amelia Joy!  And she was SO glad to see me - LOL!
We talked and had the best conversation.

That has always amazed me.  How a little one starts trying
to communicate as soon as they can.  Don't you just love
the ooohs and goos?  You talk to them and they work
so hard to talk to you. They desire to communicate! 
I believe this is a God-given characteristic.

God's eternal desire and plan is to be with man and to
communicate with us.  Glory!  I'll never understand why
the God of the Universe has any desire to hear what I have
to say or tell me all about Himself - but He does.

Next time you converse with a tiny 3 month old, remember...
we have a desire to communicate and God desires to communicate
with you and with me. 

One day, Jesus will return and I will ever be with him (1 Thess. 4).
The most important decision one can ever make, is to be ready
to go with Him when He comes!  Are you ready?????????

Friday, January 22, 2010

A Little Gratitude

Some of you who know me, know that my dad isn't well.  Even though I was with my parents last week, all day Wednesday, I kept feeling this strong feeling that I needed to go to my mom and dad's.   I told my husband when I got home from work, "I feel like I need to go to Mom and Dad's when I get off at noon tomorrow" - and of course, he said - "Go".  So,  I emailed mom, "I'm coming tomorrow.  I will spend the night."  I got her response and it was full of relief - "I'm go glad you are coming.  I need you.  We got the hospital bed and the full bed is in the front bedroom - my furniture is everywhere."   Her distress was evident.

Then I realized that it was the Lord was impressing me to go - He knew the need and I didn't.  

So, today I moved furniture around, packed and put things in storage. (I wish I had a before and after pic!)  Now my mom has a neat, and somewhat orderly home again.  She feels less overwhelmed and we got to spend the day together. I enjoyed it!  I feel like I got to show a just little bit of gratitude for my "raising" - for all my parents have done for me in my life.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Choose LIFE!

Today is Sanctity of Life Sunday - for 20+ years our family has marched in the Arkansas Right to Life March.  When we moved here - it was too far to drive to Little Rock in time for the march, so - we have driven to Memphis the past two years.  It has been a disappointment - a bit of a let down, I have to admit.  This year, our church led in starting an annual Right to Life march right here in our hometown, for our county and eventually we hope for Northeast Arkansas.

We had a pretty good turn-out for the first.  It was wonderful!  We so appreciate our people who took it to heart and came, our men who helped load, set-up and re-load the sound equipment.  We are excited to see what God is going to do in the years to come.  What a privilege to be allowed to be involved in the beginning!

I wish I had a picture to show you!  One of our sweet young couples who are expecting, created a poster with the ultrasound of their new baby - it was precious and PERFECT!

God, the life giver, says in Deuteronomy 30:19, "I call to record against you this day, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore, choose life - that you and your children may live."

Folks, get out of your recliners...get out of your comfort zone...take a stand and choose LIFE!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Let it snow!

I love snow.  Today, I guessed it...snow!  Last week, I visited one of my favorite shops in Blytheville, Sisters, to pick up at item I needed for my Bible Study sign-up table. It was obvious they were in the process of taking down Christmas decor - there were wreaths and things everywhere.  As I was leaving, I noticed these "hangings" for want of a better description.  I stopped, looked and asked the price.  The young lady told me they were marked, but neither she nor I could find the price anywhere.  I left, but those hangings have stayed in my mind.

Yesterday, on a whim, I called and asked about them.  They called me back and told me they were put away, but they would get some out and they would be 1/2 price.  Yay!!!  I was sold.  Today, I went by
and picked them up and I couldn't wait to get home and put them up.  Here they are...

LOL!  I can have snow anytime I want, for as long as I want! 

I was hoping Jay wouldn't usually takes him a week or two...but he was only home
for a few minutes when he said, "I see you went back to Sisters."   Guilty!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Shall I tackle Proverbs 12?

It's already past my bedtime...but I've gotten to visit with two of my
grown children tonight...a privilege.  You know our children do not
have to call us...or love us...or visit us...or even care about us.  It's
a choice they make to continue a relationship they had no choice
about starting. :)  I don't know where that all came from.

Proverbs 12:
  • I need to work on accepting isn't feminine to be "brutish"
  • The righteous are established...putting down roots that hold us in place
  • As a wife, I can be a crown or cause rotten's my choice to be virtuous or not
  • I want to spend more time meditating on verse 5...I think there is something here - the thoughts of the righteous vs. the opinions of the wicked.  My first inclination is that opinions are just that - opinions, based on any number of factors.  Righteous thoughts must be based on truth, the Word, in order to be deemed righteous thoughts.  I need to learn to differentiate between my thoughts (truth) and my opinions.
  • God values a wise tongue and a good word...they guide, cheer and makes others glad.
All these comparisons and contrasts cause me to examine my heart, my righteousness, my thoughts, my tongue...the value of communicating with God...what comes from it - change and renewal.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Wisdom for Today

These are things that spoke to me today from Proverbs 11:

The value of righteousness...
  • It directs my way...keeps me on the straight path
  • It delivers me
  • It has a SURE reward...
  • It gives LIFE...I want to really live
  • It will be rewarded in the earth - not just in eternity, but in my lifetime
Two things about my mouth...
  • If I destroy others with my mouth...I am a HYPOCRITE
  • If I share secrets...I am a GOSSIP
As a woman...
  • A faithful spirit conceals a matter...
  • Discretion is more valuable than beauty...I don't want to be a pig with a gold nose ring
  • A gracious woman has honor...