Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Real Snow Day

No worship services today...this is truly a "snow day".  I always enjoy being off from work, but somehow - being "off" from worshiping with our church body leaves one feeling a little off kilter (I've no idea what a kilter is) - a little empty, something is missing.

Years ago, we would try to get to 'church' no matter the weather.  One Sunday, we drove around in a near blizzard just looking for a church that was meeting.  Finally had to go home.  One memorable Sunday, we attempted to get to our services after an ice event...only to suddenly find ourselves flying down the road sideways and end up centering our hood in a tree!  The only injury was my broken wrist, thankfully.  We learned something that time.  What exactly were we trying to prove?

You've heard people say, "I think God understands."  Sometimes, I'll admit, this is an annoying statement.  We use this to justify what we want to do.  But honestly, God has all the information.  Yeah, He understands completely.  If I am just making excuses - God knows it - He sees my heart. 

Was it wise to drive in a blizzard just to have worship services?  Not much.  Was it wise to endanger the lives of our family to get to church on the ice?  Nope.  But it all goes back to the heart.  Why do we do what we do?  Are we trying to merit favor?  Impossible!  Are we worried about what others think?  Sometimes.   Is it that important to gather together in corporate worship? Absolutely! God teaches the importance of the church corporate, in fact, the word church means "a called out assembly".  But when we can't assemble, can we worship at home?  Yes!

Here's what I see outside this morning  - it is 10 degrees, roads are covered in ice.

I wish my camera could pick up the glistening twinkling of the sun on the snow.
My backyard makes me think of being "washed whiter than snow"...
Not a footprint or pawprint!

Lord, I cannot join with my church body and worship today - but I worship You!
I see everything You have made and I am in awe of  You!  You have covered my
sin with Your blood and washed me whiter than snow.  WOW!  Thank you, Jesus.


The Disheroons said...

I think you needs some dog or kid footprints in that snow. That is way to neat. lol

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

Great blog, I am thankful God meets us where we are and does see our heart:) I am praying for you and your mother and daddy:) hugs