Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Strong Tower

One major description of our God and Savior is our Strong Tower.  I am quite confident that I have no real perception of what a strong tower was to people in Bible time.  I feel pretty sure it was a place where they felt safe and secure; a place where the enemy could not reach them. 
My dear friend, Kellie, makes me a calendar each year.  On each month is a picture of our family members and birthdays, anniversaries and holidays are written on the corresponding day.  She puts much time and effort into creating my calendar – it is a scrapbooking masterpiece, every year!  But one of the most special elements on each page is the scripture she chooses and puts on that month.  Often  I am drawn to that verse and given a new appreciation for my Savior – or it is just what I need to hear from Him at that moment.

July is a new month – and this month’s verse is Proverbs 18:10: “The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.”
As always, God’s Word is ever fresh and new.  I never fail to “see” something I’ve never thought of before.
            “The righteous run to it”.  Run is an action word, a verb.  Run means it takes effort.
            Run means it is intentional; it doesn’t just happen because I am one of the righteous.
            His name is my strong tower.  It is where I am safe…but only if I run to Him.  This also
            means I am NOT safe – if I choose to NOT run to Him. 
There are so many promises and truths and principles and precepts in God’s Word.  But I must apply them – act on them.  So many times, I run to a person, someone I think can help me, or soothe me, or comfort me, or tell me what I want to hear.  Yeah, I know what this verse SAYS … but I fail to RUN to Him! 

Okay – let’s think about the word RUN a little more.  What does RUN mean?
·         Haste

·         Urgency

·         Quickly…as fast as you can

·         Priority?  The first action you take…not the last resort?
My younger grandchildren are from 1 to 7 years old.  When they are frightened or upset – they automatically run to their parents.  They don’t stop to consider any other course of action.  I want to run to my Heavenly Father the same way!

I wish I could physically run to my Father…but in my heart and mind…I run to Him with all my being. I am safe there, no matter how the storm rages around me.