Monday, September 21, 2009

Expectations...Part Dos

A few weeks ago, I shared my vision and dreams of teaching English as a Second Language to the Hispanic ladies at our Hispanic ministry. 4 women committed to attend. Last Thursday night was the first class. You can't imagine my surprise when Bro. Max Gusman, our associational Hispanic minister, arrived with his workbook, ready for class! Instead of 4, I had 8 students and by the end of class,2 more had come in. My expectations were exceeded! What a fun time we had! What a desire they have to be able to communicate with us. This is definitely expectations, part "dos" (two). Lord, you are so good!!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Random Thoughts

Jay and I have been made aware this past year how much MORE we pray for our children now - than ever before. Seems there is always so much to trust God for - to turn over to Him. More people involved: spouses and grandchildren. Our grandson, Jackson, is one funny kid. Fearless when it comes to riding his turtle off a small trampoline, or jumping in a pool, or stepping off a step. But terrified of child-sized carolers. (long story) Some days, I feel like I'm still 18 - others, I doubt I'll make it to 65... Mothering is the most wonderful thing I've ever done - I am blessed every single day! Rick Warren says something about life runnning along 2 tracks: there is always something good going on and there is always something bad. I'm beginning to agree with him! While I have regrets and things I'd like to "do over" - I am continually amazed at this journey I've been on for almost 58 years. It's been quite a ride. I ask Jay all the time, "why us?" "Why did God allow us to do this or that, or allow us to hear this preacher or that, or be exposed to the things we've had the privilege to learn?" I will so enjoy asking the Lord all these questions. Randy Alcorn in his book, Deadline (read if you haven't!), proposes the idea that our first experience in heaven will be going back over our life and seeing all the things we can't see right now (in the physical realm) and understanding what God was doing, or what He wanted us to do, etc. I am looking so forward to that. Random thoughts...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The New Me

Well, this is the new me. Due to health issues earlier this year, I had to change - yuck! I now have a new diet with new portion sizes. But, it has worked - praise the Lord! Good health now. Jill just sent me this new photo and I thought, "Well! I really don't look so bad!" Then I discovered she has new editing software and that she had touched me up - removed wrinkles (just a couple) - gave me a little blush and powder. Laughing out loud! See what happens when we are vain? In thinking about the new me - I realized I became the "new" me 37 years ago - when I realized I was lost and trusted Jesus Christ to come into my life. As I study His Word,die to self, and yield to His Spirit - I gradually become even more "new" - day by day. Double chin aside...I like the new me. Oh, I fail - every day - almost every hour. But I'm not who I used to be...and I'm not who I will be when I see Him face to face. Thank You, Jesus.