Monday, January 31, 2011

Why is choosing paint colors so hard????

Why?  Why can't they come up with a way to show you exactly what paint will look like on your wall? I am far from being color-blind.  I can tell the variations of color quite well.  I even know what I want on my wall. But somewhere between what is in my head...and what is on that color chip - there's a definite disconnect.

Somehow what is on that chip, doesn't end up in the can.  And what is in the can, doesn't end up on the wall. What's the deal?

The person who can solve this dilemma - might become a millionaire - strike that - a billionaire!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Continuing the Journey

Who would have ever thought we would see 2011?  It seems only yesterday that we were about to enter the world of 2000 and everyone was terrified of what might happen...computers might not must be hoarded...funny stuff now.  Yet here we are.

For me, 2010 had some major happenings...

  • My Daddy went home with the Lord - February
  • Cary's family moved to New Madrid, only 1 hour away - April
  • God called me to lead worship - May
  • My brother and I discovered a new relationship built on Christ and His Word - all year
  • God allowed us to buy a house - a "fixer-upper" - November
  • Living Bethlehem 2010, Jesus Saves! - December

My Daddy was a rock...he was there if I needed him.  It already seems as if he's been
gone for years and it hasn't been one full year yet.   Whenever I am surprised by a picture of him, it takes my breath away - I think, "There's Daddy!" and immediately, "He's gone."

We'd spent 2 years here, at least 3 hours from most of our children and grandchildren.  Then God placed Cary in New Madrid, Missouri.  Now we have someone close by...and we get to see them pretty often. It hasn't made me miss our other 5 children and their families any less, but it has removed a little of the loneliness of our family being away from us. 

Probably the most impacting event of all...God called me to lead worship.  Not something I've dreamed of doing...not something I'm particularly comfortable doing...yet - what I was made to do.  I am still not skilled at it...I am still growing and developing...I still struggle to stay close, closer, closest to Him knowing I cannot do it.  But hearing Him call me...priceless.  I still can't believe it - me?  now?  here?  It is probably without a doubt the hardest thing I've ever attempted to do.

Then there's my brother - Dear Kevin (with wife, Sandi) - what an amazing person!  I can't begin to tell you how he has grown in the Lord this year.  Proof positive that we can know the Lord as well as we want to! He has become a spiritual giant in a few short months...well versed in scripture...wise in the truth...willing to follow the Lord into strong support and encourager. What a blessing!

Then, this is most likely the most trying while most exciting thing - a house!  We had very little time in December to work on it, so that has started in earnest in 2011. I am a mass of aching muscles and stiff, sore hands - what a "wuss"! It is a typical remodel so far - everything that can go wrong, has - and everytime we think we've found the last problem, another one arises!  I will share more as we go along on this adventure God has given to us.

 And lastly on this particular list - Living Bethlehem 2010, Jesus Saves!  I am continually amazed at what God can do when His people come together.  Men who work against all odds to make fireworks come off at an exact moment in time (while keeping fields from catching on fire - LOL)...couples who haul animals back and forth every night...folks who brave extreme cold for hours 3 nights in a row, in order to share the love and salvation offered by Jesus Christ...ladies who sew for months and months, taking to heart every single costume...those who built (and re-built) the village,  put together gifts,  mix up hot cocoa, bake cookies, pretzels, and bread...those who register and serve and park cars...who hand out candy is a never ending list.  How my heart is changed from this one event.

My Encouragement for Today talked about the 30 some odd parables told by our Lord.  She talked about how His stories depicted everyday life...everyday happenings.  You know  - death...children areas of ministry...all the feelings we have, the people in our lives - those are all ordinary and everyday things. 

The Dictionary of Biblical Imagery, "We come to realize that it is in the everyday world of sowing and eating and dealing with family members that people make the great spiritual decisions and that God's grace works."

Stephen Covey, "We are not human beings on a spiritual journey, but spiritual beings on a human journey."

I've only listed a few things here.  There is no way to recount every wonderful thing of this past wonderful praise friends.

One of my brother's  favorite sayings is, "Loving the journey", as he experiences walking with the Lord and trusting Him in every area.

Who knows what 2011 will bring? We've been placed in this life to live His grace, in His will, through His Holy Spirit.  My new saying is going to be, "Continuing the journey..."