Monday, January 31, 2011

Why is choosing paint colors so hard????

Why?  Why can't they come up with a way to show you exactly what paint will look like on your wall? I am far from being color-blind.  I can tell the variations of color quite well.  I even know what I want on my wall. But somewhere between what is in my head...and what is on that color chip - there's a definite disconnect.

Somehow what is on that chip, doesn't end up in the can.  And what is in the can, doesn't end up on the wall. What's the deal?

The person who can solve this dilemma - might become a millionaire - strike that - a billionaire!


Alex and Jill said...

Buy small can and put large swatches on your walls and look at them every day until you know what you want. :) It is hard...takes me forever to choose - because there are so many choices!

kelliegene said...

Every color looks different on different walls...and at different times of the day with different lighting. need to just get "close" and learn to love it???

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

I read in the new real estate magazine on layering or shadowing, looking for mag. but of course I can not find it, when I do I will send you the article, you take a shade to do your largest room, then a lighter shade of the same color for hall ways and lighter shade then that for bedrooms and lighter shade for baths, so if you have a laundry room it will be so light you do not even need to paint it...tee hee just kidding! but it does show very well, I have seen it done in the newer homes in the what I call butter color but my interior decorator sister will call it by name:))