Monday, July 13, 2009

It's true...

It's true, I am getting older. The proof? I can no longer "sleep in". I now wake anywhere from 4:15 - 6:30 a.m. It was 4:15 this morning. My old favorite time to rise was 7:00 or 7:30. I evidently need less sleep now in my aging years. I rarely nap anymore - it's amazing! On the flip side of this change...I am loving my early time alone, well not alone-alone, but alone with my Lord. I am loving not only quality uninterrupted time in His Word and in prayer...but quantity of time, because I am waking up so early! I recommend to all the study, "Proving Us Genuine", taught by Beth Moore online at - I love 1 & 2 Peter - and this study is challenging me and teaching me. I want to be genuine - and pleasing to my Lord! Another benefit of this quiet early time - is lots of time to pray. Jay and I are finding as we age -our children are aging too (shhh, they don't know it yet) and we find ourselves praying for them, not less - but more than ever! It's never stop being a parent. There is no place to stop praying and guiding (when asked). I find myself realizing more than ever, I'm still "the Momma". Glory! Thank You, Lord, for placing these precious people in our life for all eternity. Thank You, for allowing us to partner with You in what You are doing in their lives. What? Yes, it's true. Read the scriptures and see how often God speaks to us regarding our children, and our children's children. It is God's plan for families to grow together, for grandparents to impact their grandchildren and even great-grandchildren. Thank You, for placing grandchildren in our family. This week, my eldest granddaughter is coming to stay with us for a few days. I am so looking forward to loving on her and investing in her life. It is way past due. Thank You, Lord, for a part-time job - giving me more time for my family and friends. It's true...I am aging. I'm older than I've ever been! My life keeps changing...but God is still working in all our lives - completing His plan for the Weavers - conforming us to the image of His Son, Jesus Christ. Even in the trials and challenges,what a privilege and blessing and joy! While there are a few negatives to aging (I won't go into them here - no profit), it's true...God is good and His mercy does endure to all generations!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Like no other...

Today I've been meditating - thinking about the journey my daughter and son-in-law, Jill and Alex, have been traveling. 3 years or so ago, they decided it was time to start their family. They had no idea how long or how emotional a journey it would be. None of us had any idea that the struggle with infertility is filled with highs and lows - joys and sorrows - ups and downs - hope and despair. We praise God every day that He chose to bless them now and that they are joyously anticipating the arrival of their little girl in November! I've been mulling over the fact that there have been other little ones created during this process that did not survive. I am fully persuaded these little ones await their Mom and Dad (Jill and Alex) in heaven. I am also fully convinced they were unique individuals, with characteristics and qualities that make them absolutely like no other person who ever was or ever will be. This brought me to a very wonderful conclusion: I can't publish her name, but our baby girl who will arrive in a very few months, could never have been conceived at any other time - she is exactly who God chose to join the family - to bless Jill and Alex's home. I cannot know the mind of God, but for whatever reason - this is the person He chose to entrust to them. She is a unique individual like no other. How awesome!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Girls! Girls! Girls!

It is official - we are having 2 grand-daughters in November! These precious girls are predicted to arrive 5 days apart and we are in great anticipation. Now, the girls will outnumber the boys although I am not sure what that really means - probably nothing. LOL! Children are the heritage of the Lord - they are our inheritance! Children are eternal beings - and God entrusts them to us, to raise them to know and serve Him. What an awesome privilege and partnership. God bless these parents - my children. We are so blessed and so excited! Praise You, Lord God
The expectant moms and dads:
Jill and Alex
Sara and Cary

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Waking Moments

I don't know about you - but in the morning, my mind wakes first - before I open my eyes or even start to get out of bed. Sounds weird, I know. In that waking moment, my mind becomes alert - and it is then, in that quiet stillness - that I most often hear God speak to me. Not every morning, but usually when He needs to get my attention about something. This morning, in that waking moment, God said, "It's not about you." Immediately, other thoughts rushed in, and I thought, "I have to get up and write all of this down, or I won't remember!" So, I did. I recently posted about this very same topic, It's not about me. This morning, God reminded me of a recent evening, when I was wallowing in my feelings. I was NOT thinking scriptural truths - but simply letting my feelings and those destructive voices that come from the enemy, fill my mind. I began to think I cannot do the things God has called me to do. In a very short time, I realized - these thoughts are not from the Holy Spirit! I began to speak the Word to my heart and soul. While I stopped wallowing, the insecurity of it all has stayed with me somewhat. In my waking moment, God showed me that every time I speak truth - I will almost immediately be confronted with living this truth in reality, in my life. It's like a living object lesson. It's easy to say it's not about me - it's another thing to keep my mind fixed on Christ and filled with the truth of the Word. I believe God will always allow me to be confronted, to be tried - to be proven genuine, or not. With His simple reminder, "it's not about you," God reminded me I am to walk by faith, believing what He says - not by my feelings. Faith vs Feelings - that is the choice I must consciously make day in and day out, and all the time in between! Feelings make it all about me. God's Word makes it all about Him. I feel like a slow learner. Next time, I pray I will immediately stop those feelings and thoughts, before I can think on them one second! Oh yes, I am sure there will be another battle. "Lord, never stop proving me, refining me - until I am a genuine reflection of Jesus Christ."