Thursday, July 2, 2009

Girls! Girls! Girls!

It is official - we are having 2 grand-daughters in November! These precious girls are predicted to arrive 5 days apart and we are in great anticipation. Now, the girls will outnumber the boys although I am not sure what that really means - probably nothing. LOL! Children are the heritage of the Lord - they are our inheritance! Children are eternal beings - and God entrusts them to us, to raise them to know and serve Him. What an awesome privilege and partnership. God bless these parents - my children. We are so blessed and so excited! Praise You, Lord God
The expectant moms and dads:
Jill and Alex
Sara and Cary


Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

YEA!!!!!! I love pink and I love GIRLS and I love the BOYS too:)) I am so excited with you!! Lots of babies!!

Nitzia said...

how fun! i am so glad these two girls will grow up together and be friends:) lot's of pink!!!
I was reading your post before this one and it reminded me of a Bible study we are doing right now, is call "Me, myself and lies" it's very good and it talks exactly about what you just mentioned. you should give it a try, i think you will enjoy it!