Sunday, March 27, 2011

Long Time, No Write

I go through these "spells" where I come to post, and I feel like I have nothing to say, no thought - nada. 

Today though, I decided to share a little of what's going on with this dynamic duo - Jay and Me!  We are in the midst of remodeling a house the Lord allowed us to buy at the very end of November.  December, January and most of February were the demolishing stage.  Every time we thought we had found the last problem, another would arise - until we ended up with an empty house - literally.  In some places we were even down to the studs.  Not our original plan I assure you!

In February we also had cold, cold weather and Jay got sick. Then I got sick. Then Jay got sick again. Then I got sick again.  I have become more thankful than ever for antibiotics, which I have rarely had to take in my lifetime. We are now on the mend.

Two weekends ago, four of our children, their spouses and children came for a work-day - hallelujah!  Jay was able to help, but I was still not well - so my job was feeding them all.  It had been a long time since I've cooked for them all and I wondered if I still knew how.  It was such a blessing to prepare meals and have them come in starving and chow down.  My daughter in law - Sara - and Jill, my daughter - helped me.
Plus I got to enjoy the grandchildren!

Jayna and Waylon raked out entire yard - about 5 years worth of leaves, at the least.  Tony worked at changing out/updating our receptacles and switches.  Chris, Cary and Alex painted all the ceilings and 3 rooms - priming the rest.  It was like a shot in the arm to us.

This weekend, we have hung all the upper cabinets in the kitchen, starting the beadboard installation in the kitchen, and I painted the 2 front bedrooms.  Jay says under his breath every time we leave, " there's 1000 things to do in this house" - LOL!  It's true, but we are working on it.

Here's a little preview...

Corner bedroom - painted - check!

Kitchen niche - new upper cabinet hung - check!

It's alot like what God has been doing in my heart for almost 36 years...
remodeling...changing....updating....renewing - making me more like
Him little by little.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Second Batch

We are blessed with six children.  They are all 2 to 2 1/2 years apart - but somehow, it
was like 2 batches, the first 3 and the second 3.  It's happening again!!!  We are having
our grandchildren in batches. Chris, Joy and Jayna have children who are teens and tweenies.
And now we're are enjoying the 'second batch'! 

Here they are!!

Millie (16mo), Amelia (17mo), Jackson (3), Joylyn (5)

And here is Kandace (2)

What a treasure!  What a heritage of the Lord!

Can you tell by looking what characters they are?????

I laugh just looking at those faces.