Thursday, December 31, 2009

All Things New

In a few hours we will usher in the year 2010. Unbelievable. I can well remember all the hubbub about going into 2000, the scares and the unknown of it all. We blinked our eyes, and here it is 2010 already!

I think I need a page makeover. I do love roses but everytime I open it - I want to gag. It is 2010 after all - time for a new page.

Our family is continually new. New members arrived in 2009, Amelia and Millie...

I am reminded that God instructs us to re-new our minds daily. Growing spiritually is a continual process of "new" - how awesome is that. 

So, I'll be on the lookout for a new look for this page. Of course, Jill has to help me accomplish it. Somehow, I'm never able to get it all to work. I think it's something to do with age, which we will not discuss right now.

Happy New Year to everyone in blogland!

Monday, December 28, 2009


I have tried to write something for the past 2 no avail. Everything sounded quite dry and boring. I haven't done much besides bake and make goodies for Christmas. Some were a hit and many were not touched. But tonight, I have a picture! So, I will post it and show you what I've done in the past little bit.
From the Lick the Bowl food blog, I got a simple recipe for Cinnamon Rolls. They are quite delicious. Here they are!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm Addicted

I confess - if I haven't before ( I can't remember honestly) - I am addicted to recipes. I love to look at recipes, to read recipes, to think about what they might taste like...I'm addicted. I like to try new recipes - that's the fun...seeing what's on the page appear in front of you. When it looks just like the picture - Yay! I rarely taste these creations, so I'm dependent on the feedback of others to determine if it's really tasty or not. I have 100's upon 100's of cookbooks, cooking magazines, printed sheets, torn out pages, recipes cards and handwritten sheets. I could never begin to make them all in my lifetime. Yet, I still see a recipe and I want to stop and read it, examine it - think about how easy or difficult it would be to make. I keep them by my chair in the living room and when I'm free, that's where you will find me...with my recipes. I have recently discovered a new avenue to feed this addiction - food blogs. Oh my goodness! There, I can often see it created step by step - and view the finished product and then read what the blogger world has to say about it! I especially love the holidays as they are an excuse to try recipes I've been admiring. I enjoy reading all types of recipes, but desserts and breads are my favorites. My girls will tell you, I rarely make a recipe exactly as written. Invariably, there is either some ingredient I do not care for, or do not have - so I adjust, leave it out, or use something else! Here's one recipe I tried last week - I did actually taste this one and it's yummy for the Christmas season: Cranberry & Turkey Finger Sandwiches (taken from Taste of the South and adapted, of course!) Bread, with crusts removed (wheat or white, your preference) Sliced Turkey Cranberry Spread (I was making lots for a reception, so I mixed 1 can of wholeberry cranberry sauce with 8 oz. softenend cream cheese - you can adjust this amount and to your own taste) Fresh baby spinach Simply make a sandwich by spreading each bread slice with the cranberry spread - add turkey and pieces of spinach - put together and cut in half diagonally. They are beautiful and tasty. I've always wanted to say this: Bon Appetite! LOL!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Once upon a Holy Night

Just thought I'd share the project I've been most consumed with for the past month. Our church presented A Walk through Bethlehem this year for the past 3 nights. I can't begin to tell you how hard our people have worked or the passion they poured into every detail. We got to share the gospel through the birth of Christ with 477 people. "Mary" sang Once upon a Holy Night" 19 times and every time my heart was filled and my eyes overflowed. I will post a few pictures...and I hope you will never lose the wonder of our Savior becoming man and being born in a order to die on a cross in our place. Glory! Hallelujah!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

33 Years Ago

33 years ago today...God gave us Jill Amelyn. What a blessing she continues to be in our lives. This morning we called to sing Happy Birthday to her. This is becoming our birthday tradition - we recently decided.
This year God gave Jill - Amelia Joy - after years of infertility.

What a good mommy she is!
Happy Birthday, Sweet Pillie! I love you!