Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Things

I didn't look up the reference, but in scripture God says He will do a "new" thing.  Lately, it seems every day or so, I've been struck with the thought or idea of God doing a new thing.  I know God loves variety, He planned individuality.  He has made every person unique and I believe every animal and plant - every living thing has it's own individuality. Even the stars are unique and He calls them by name!  So, I know He likes "different".

We, on the other hand, like "same" - to some degree.  Same means we know what to expect.  Same means no surprises.  Same means comfort and security.  We seem to carry this desire for "same" into everything God does as well.

God is always working - do you believe that?  I do.  Yet, I don't always see or know where He is working.  Maybe one reason I can't see Him, is because He is doing something "NEW"!  What a concept that is. 
When someone believes they are following the Lord's direction and they try to do something "new" - too often the response of those around them is negative.  Why?  I'm not positive, but I fear it is simply because we like "same".

I am beginning to understand that God does new things all the time.  A church is planted and if they experience any measure of success...they write a book and everyone rushes out to do exactly what they did.  What if God is wanting to something "new" in every single church?  Oh my.  That would mean we would have to communicate with Him and listen for His leading.  We might look something different than anyone else in the whole world.  We might have to exercise faith, believe God for something we've never seen before.

We have a new thing happening in our family right now.  Jill and Alex went through infertility and in-vitro to have Amelia 2+ years ago.  Well, this time - God decided to do something "new" - He blessed them with a pregnancy all on their own - quickly - no outside help this time!

I am praying that God will open my my me to hear His leading - I want Him to do something "new" in my life and in my church...I invite Him to use me!


Monday, July 25, 2011

Let Faith Arise

I come to this page fairly often, look at the date and think, "Man, I need to post something!"  I think a minute, and then say to myself, "Nah, I don't have anything worthwhile to say." 

I write for another blog now as well, a commitment that takes priority over writing for this.  Today, I am going to share my other post...

Let Faith Arise

I receive a daily scripture in email from K-Love radio every day. I saved this one and have read it several times this week:
                           For our present troubles are small and won't last very long.
                         Yet they produce for us a   glory that vastly outweighs them
                     and will last forever!                  (2 Corinthians 4:17, NLT)

I am so thankful for the promises God makes to us in His word! These are the thoughts that thrill me to my core…that I cling to when trouble comes:  

· No matter how big my trouble seems…God says it is small. 
· My present trouble…is temporary! 
· This is the big one…this trouble will bring glory for me…Glory! 
· This glory is eternal.


 Chris Tomlin recently penned these lyrics:  

“Be still, there is a Healer
His love is deeper than the sea
His mercy, it is unfailing
His arms a fortress for the weak

Let faith arise
Let faith arise


I lift my hands to believe again 
You are my Refuge, You are my Strength
As I pour out my heart
These things I remember
You are faithful God, forever
Let faith arise...”


When any trouble comes, we will flounder if our faith does not rise up within us. Faith arises as we remember and choose to believe the promises God has made. Hide His Word within Your heart so when trouble comes and you pour out your heart to Him - you will not spend one moment in doubt, or fear, or distress. The Holy Spirit will bring His Word to mind and you can choose to let your faith arise!







Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Married to the Ministry

I saw a title just now, Married to the Ministry.  I am praying for those words of wisdom that describe my blog right now.

I am married to this guy...

and this one...

and this one...
 Ah, yeah ... this is that preacher fellow, the minister.  He wears many "hats", as do I.  He works hard, plays hard, preaches hard...strives to be there for his church members. 

 When one is "married" to the ministry, what does that mean?
  • Ministry comes before me...therefore, I am not important?
  • Ministry belongs to my spouse...not to me?
  • Ministry takes all our time...I'd rather be doing something else?
  • Ministry causes hurts?
  • Ministry puts me in a proverbial fishbowl...I have no privacy?
I'm not sure exactly what the problem is, but "Married to the Ministry" has a negative feeling to me.

When God called Jay into ministry...He called me as well.  No, we are not co-pastors - this makes me
smile...almost laugh out loud.  Sometimes I feel like a co-pastor.  Ministry can be very lonely, especially
for the minister.  I belong to Jesus, just like Jay does.  I have a calling, just like Jay does.  God knew
what He was doing when He called US to ministry.  We are in it - together.

Finding one's place in ministry is not always easy.  Sometimes there are preconceived notions of what
the minister's wife is and what she does or does not do.  Years ago, our pastor's wife told me, "My
job is to take care of the preacher."  That's a good starting point for the minister's wife.

We must set boundaries...limits.  We must set aside family time.  Ultimately it's like everything in life -
we have to have balance.  I believe if I do what Jesus asks me to do, there is enough time to do it.
When I am out of balance...the things I'm passionate about can take over...and other things suffer.
When I take on things Jesus hasn't asked me to time gets out of whack.  When I surrender
to the opinions of others, I can be doing lots of things I am not supposed to be doing.   That is not
the fault of "ministry" - that is my fault.

Conversely, ministers must also set boundaries and limits.  Ministers need time off, family time...even
sabbaticals.  Carrying the load of others' lives and problems is particularly exhausting.  There is
tremendous responsibility in leading and teaching others the Word of God.  Some ministers are simply
work-a-holics and they would be if they were CEO's or engineers or mechanics.  That again is not
the fault of ministry.

So, just for the record, this preacher's wife is Married to the Minister.