Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Things

I didn't look up the reference, but in scripture God says He will do a "new" thing.  Lately, it seems every day or so, I've been struck with the thought or idea of God doing a new thing.  I know God loves variety, He planned individuality.  He has made every person unique and I believe every animal and plant - every living thing has it's own individuality. Even the stars are unique and He calls them by name!  So, I know He likes "different".

We, on the other hand, like "same" - to some degree.  Same means we know what to expect.  Same means no surprises.  Same means comfort and security.  We seem to carry this desire for "same" into everything God does as well.

God is always working - do you believe that?  I do.  Yet, I don't always see or know where He is working.  Maybe one reason I can't see Him, is because He is doing something "NEW"!  What a concept that is. 
When someone believes they are following the Lord's direction and they try to do something "new" - too often the response of those around them is negative.  Why?  I'm not positive, but I fear it is simply because we like "same".

I am beginning to understand that God does new things all the time.  A church is planted and if they experience any measure of success...they write a book and everyone rushes out to do exactly what they did.  What if God is wanting to something "new" in every single church?  Oh my.  That would mean we would have to communicate with Him and listen for His leading.  We might look something different than anyone else in the whole world.  We might have to exercise faith, believe God for something we've never seen before.

We have a new thing happening in our family right now.  Jill and Alex went through infertility and in-vitro to have Amelia 2+ years ago.  Well, this time - God decided to do something "new" - He blessed them with a pregnancy all on their own - quickly - no outside help this time!

I am praying that God will open my my me to hear His leading - I want Him to do something "new" in my life and in my church...I invite Him to use me!



whitneymillermc said...

Your words spoke to me. Stepping out of our comfort zone isn't easy but who said being a Christian is. I have learned that when we draw closer to our Savior that he will be with us and give us what we need. I used to be shy and God has transformed me. I can now speak more boldly about my faith. The Lord has paved a way for me to do this on my cookbook tour. What a blessing!

Momx6 said...

Loved hearing from you!