Thursday, February 3, 2011


My thoughts are rather jumbled today.  I'm hoping I can straighten them out by writing them down.

I'm thinking about how God made us each unique.  How He made us just the way we are.  And how He loves us unconditionally.  He tells us to loves each other the same way and to forgive as He has forgiven and continues to forgive us!

Here's the rub.  We are sinners.  We are flawed.  The fact that God made us the way we are...and that He loves us unconditionally - does NOT give us the right to stay the way we are.  Jesus died and rose again to give us the power to change...into His image, to reflect Him to those around us.

So, what does it say when we are not changed, when we continue to stay as flawed as we were to begin with?  We even cop out with, "Well, God made me this way."   I have come to believe God gets the most glory when a flawed human is changed through the power of His Spirit.  No one can deny it when someone is truly changed - when someone begins to act like and look more like Jesus - because it is something we can never do on our own.

I cannot continue to act badly and expect you to just love me anyway.  Can I?  I can't use that old - "I'm only human" excuse any longer.   I can't expect God to be pleased with me (He never stops loving me) if I refuse to be obedient and  hear Him when He points out those areas I need changed or if I do not allow His Spirit to work in my heart.

It starts with renewing our minds through His Word.  I am not likely to even see my true reflection...unless I look into His Word. It is easy to deceive myself, or compare myself with someone else, and think I'm looking pretty good!  I do not naturally think like God thinks...I do not see those bad spots that others see.   And face it, all others can see is what I say and do...the expression on my attitude - they cannot see my heart, but God does.  Jesus was very plain about everything we say and do coming straight from our hearts.

Lord, help me to see my repent and depend on Your Spirit to change that Your reflection will be seen when others look at me.


Alex and Jill said...

I wish I was still in your women's ministry. :) I miss your teaching. Love you!

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

such a good word Belinda, thank you:)

Faith said...

What a good word. Definitely something I needed to hear. Thank you so much for sharing it.