Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Most Important Thing

When God gave me was a busy time...a tired time and looking back...the best of times.  I tried to keep them small...keep them from the world...keep them close as long as I could.  But you know what?  Kids grow up and that's a good thing.  God in His wisdom allows us many years to train our children.  They are not like pets which mature in only a year or's takes 18-20+ years by God's design.

I am more blessed than most...having six children...three boys and three girls. 

Are they perfect?  No.  They are your typical PK's (preacher's kids) - not as good as maybe they ought to be...but not as bad as many believed.  LOL!  They are all grown up now... married...all but one with children of their own.  I am blessed to be able to say they are my best friends.  I am very pleased with the adults they have become.

The parent of adult children has a very different place.  I watch as they raise their children...I give advice when I am asked...I still love unconditionally...pray without ceasing...hurt when they hurt.  I suffer with them when trials and troubles all I can to alleviate and help. 

I can say without question along with John..."I have no greater joy than to know my children walk in truth."  It was my job not just to raise them, but to disciple them for Jesus Christ.  What if every parent realized their true job as a parent?  Yes, food and clothing and education and a place to live are very important...but not the most important.  The most important thing is for our children to know and love and serve Jesus, to make Him first in their heart and life.

The most important thing for me to continue to be faithful and live for Christ.  For my children to see a living example throughout my life.