Saturday, May 29, 2010


Wednesday night after church, I headed for Batesville to help my mother redecorate her bedroom. 

I forgot about "before" pics, until I had already started taking things down...


Chest in the corner

Seating - Daddy's old recliner

New bedding was already in place...notice border (which would not come off.)

And after...

It's hard to tell, but walls are now white with the faintest touch of green...border gone!

Oops, took this one too soon...imagine with the new white lamp on the table.  The top pillow is made out one of Daddy's shirts (He went to heaven in February) by a dear friend.

New seating area. Amazing what paint and fabric can do!
Old carpet gone...down to the hardwood.

My grandmother's ribbon handles...newly painted mirror...
(my reflection is added bonus)

Ribbon pulls close-up...recreated from one I saw...was easy!

Simple wreath (dusted with white paint) and adorned with fern fronds.

Can you guess my mom's name?  


All done in 2 days.  I am one tired puppy...sore, aching muscles from head to toe...bruises and scrapes from lugging furniture in and out of the house...working a screwdriver and a drill...but I will recover. Flip side? I have a happy mother who I hope feels loved and special...
who has her own feminine space for the first time ever.



Nitzia said...

i think it looks fabulous!!!!! good job friend! i love the ribbon handles on the chest, great idea :)

Alex and Jill said...

Love it! You worked so hard!!

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

looks so good!! I know your mother does feel so loved and special as she rest in her room:)))