Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bringing Glory

I think we would all agree that our supreme purpose as believers in Christ is to bring glory to Him.  We might not all agree on how we actually accomplish this feat.  I am continually coming to realize more and more that our Christian life is lived out not in the church building or in teaching Sunday School and singing in the choir...but in our relationships.

Relationships...our interaction with people.  We have all sorts of relationships.  Some are intimate and some are very superficial.  My relationship with the clerks in the grocery store (they change constantly) where I live are superficial.  My relationships with my co-workers are a little closer...with my church family - some are quite intimate and others are limited.  My familial relationships are the closest and most intimate...they know the real me better than anyone.

It should be easy to demonstrate Christ to those we do not know well.  It is more difficult the closer the relationship is...why is that?  We sometimes take those closest to us for granted, or expect them to excuse bad behavior, after all - they're family!

In our times of trouble, we have the greatest opportunity to show Christ to those around us.  When we suffer with grace and a is demonstrated.  Lord, help us remember.  Help us stay prayed up and full of Your that is what will overflow on all those around us.

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