Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Kitchen

Yes, this blog is about my kitchen.  My daughter, Jill, was here recently and she took photos of my kitchen. (you can click on each photo to enlarge for detail)
She thought I should use them in a post.  The kitchen is the only room in our house that we have redone.  It is "me". Now, the fact that I have a sign in my kitchen that says "kitchen" - what does that say?  That I need help remembering where I am????

I like signage -  scripture...sayings...

Phillipians 4:8...over my pantry door
Psalms 5:3...painted by my daughter-in-love, Sara...

I found this at a goodwill-type store for 25 cents, and I only had to frame it...

I love the retro kichen range, tea towels, cooling pies, and the Home Cooking title.
The quote is..."Things taste better in small houses"
Queen Victoria
(who ought to know)

It is so apt, since my house is small - and the quote makes me smile.

My walls are gold.  My colors are red, black and white.  This is my new chandelier
found at a return/outlet store in Batesville - the shades I found in Sikeston, MO at
another outlet type store.  It's perfect!

Now there is a story behind this table - which is red, distressed to black (you can only see the legs if photo is enlarged). It was marked down to 1/2 price at the end of Holiday House 2007 in Little Rock.  Jill decided that I needed it!  Needless to say...I have it and I love it.  The black chairs were a gift from my children. I found the retro tablecloth at the Old Time Mall in Batesville...the rooster pitcher was a gift...(I forgot to mention I am into roosters right now - aren't you glad I'm not posting pics of all of them?)

This cabinet was my Mother's Day gift from my 6 children in 2007.
I recently added the black gingham fabric to the inside to make my glass
dishes show up more.  Don't look at my cookbooks - they are a mess!

Chalkboard pantry door...if you have chalkboards...find the new chalkboard markers - wonderful!

Curtains I made...chalkboard sign...bird from Mt. Magazine Lodge...and African violet from my Daddy's funeral (yes! It's still alive - a miracle)
And my last bargain...I had a utensil crock that did not match my kitchen at all.  Jill said, Mom, you need a different crock.  While in Sikeston, I came across this crock...I mean how perfect can it be? Red! Rooster!

That's about all the kitchen I can take for one post.  



elainaann said...

I love the new chandelier and the black gingham fabric. Looks great!! I seriously need you, Joy, and Jill to come decorate my house. And Sara too! You all do such a wonderful job and I feel so clueless. My house just feels blah!

Alex and Jill said...

No secret that I LOVE your kitchen! :) Favorite room in the house!