Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wonderful Rainy Day

Today is a wonderful, rainy day. The skies are overcast and there is a gentle rain falling. I love these days, always have. When I was young, these were the days I brought out my paper dolls to play with. (I know you younger girls will be saying, what are paper dolls???) Today, I will be sewing, no more paper dolls for me! I know there are some who get depressed when the sun isn't out, but not me! I love the dark cloudy days. It's cooler outside due to the rain as well. I remember when my eldest child, Chris, was small. He was afraid of the thunder and lightning. I would tell him God is watering the earth, so we would have water to drink and the plants could grow. This would give us food as well. After that, he would always say when the rain came, God is watering the earth, isn't He, Mama? Aren't you thankful God has given us the four seasons? How monotonous if we only had summer or winter, all year long. We get weary of the heat or the cold and we know it's only temporary. We can be assured there is another season coming soon for us to enjoy ( or not!).

This little guy was in my backyard taking a bath! He and his mate (who ran when I went to photograph) are sitting out enjoying the rain. He would take his paws and rub over his face, like he was washing himself.

My ferns soaking up the rain.

Thank you, Lord, for wonderful, rainy days!


Faith said...

Yes, I love the change in seasons too. Hope you have a wonderful day sewing. You'll have to show us what you've been working on!

Alex and Jill said...

I need to learn to love the rain when I have to be out in it. I find it very enjoyable when I'm inside. I know what paper dolls are...maybe I can get my little girl to play with them, someday. :)

Love you, Momma.

Sara and John William's Mom said...

i like rainy days too but only if i do not have to go out very much.... now it's hard to get out with two kids when it's raining, but when we can stay home I love the feeling of a cloudy and rainy day too!