Sunday, February 21, 2010

41 Years

41 years ago, today, Jay and I married.  41 years sounds like a long, long time.  Sometimes, it feels like several lifetimes.  What a ride we have had...
  • Moved to Washington state after only being married 4 months...homesick!!!!
  • Started our family
  • Moved to Alaska
  • Moved back to Washington
  • Jay called to preach
  • Moved back to Arkansas
  • I got saved at Bogg Springs Baptist Camp
  • Moved to Little Rock to attend seminary
  • Pastoring
  • Moved to Alaska again
  • Moved back to Arkansas
  • Leading Christian schools
  • Six
  • Moved to Little Rock...again
  • Pastoring
  • Children grown, married,
  • Stepping out in faith, leaving pastorate, not knowing where we are going
  • Moved to the Delta...flat land...crops...cotton
  • Leaving behind our children...12 grandchildren
  • Wonderful new church family
  • As I write's bedtime and we have a broken pipe in the bathroom wall, water everywhere...can't shower...LOL!
A very brief summary of a lifetime of experiences together.   I couldn't begin to write them all.
What a rich, wonderful life!

41 years isn't so long....we've many experiences ahead...Lord willing.


elainaann said...

Happy Anniversary! Love you!

Alex and Jill said...

Loved reading this! Happy Anniversary Daddy & Momma!! Love you guys!

The Disheroons said...


Nitzia said...

Congratulations! you and Jay are a very sweet blessed couple!