Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Last week, I watched as my Daddy drew his final breaths.  Each pause grew longer and longer, until there was no more.  I waited for the next...and it seemed as if time stood still.  The next morning, that was the thing that impacted me the most.  Time did NOT stand still.  Everything went right along as before.

For my Daddy, time stopped.  He entered eternity, where there is no time.  But for us, the sand is still falling through the hourglass of the lifetime God has set for you and me.

We are commanded to "redeem the time" - buy it back, make it worthwhile. Don't waste any of it, if you can!   "Only one life will soon be past - only what's done for Christ will last." 


billson family said...

How true!! Gerry commented that your last post was so well written, that he was keeping it together until Dad read that and then he lost it. You are definately blessed with writing/speaking....even though you think I'm prejudice:) Love you! -JB

Nitzia said...

i love this! last Sunday at church the preacher shared about this lady that started the ministry in TX. called "Mission Arlington" many years ago and she said: I regret i only have one life to live for Christ. wow!! i just remembered this as i was reading your post... so inspiring and so true. I don't want to waste my time here on earth, i want to use it for Him alone! i'm thinking of you, love you!

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

Belinda you do have a talent for writting, your posts have blessed me, praying for you and your sweet family...love