Sunday, June 3, 2012

Belinda and the King

Today, I watched Anna and the King, the remake of the much older The King and I - classic movies.  As I watched this time, though, I noticed something I'd never noticed before...the authority, the honor...the obedience given to the King.   No matter what the King said or was right and it was done immediately - he is the King!

In this America where I live, we do not have kings.  We are taught independence and initiative and to think for ourselves.  Our allegiance is given only where we choose to give it. Who have we ever bowed to? Whose commands do we jump to obey?  I can think of no one.  Even our leaders are held in disdain, many times due to their own behavior and character, or lack thereof.

Maybe this is why we do not honor Our KING, Our Savior, the King of Kings as we should?  Jesus, My King is always right.  He is always good.  His character is above reproach, it is His character we all come short of.  He deserves all glory, all honor, all praise and definitely my highest esteem and obedience.

My life will be titled, Belinda and the King.  How will it be read?  Will I please my King, or bring Him shame.  God is recording every aspect of my life, even my thoughts and motives.  I hope to remember this lesson I learned today...and give Him the honor due Him...and live pleasing to Him.  What a wonderful King we have!



kelliegene said...

Good stuff.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful blog! Thanks for reminding me! God Bless! Momma

Nitzia said...

I was just thinking about this movie recently and thought that my Sara would love to watch it with me because I loved it when I watched it many years ago, I will have to go and rent it. Love your thinking about this movie and our respect and submission to our King!!