Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine Thank You

We just had the ultimate "heart" day - Valentine's Day. I saw lots of flowers, balloons, teddy bears, and jewelry. Every year I get to take a valentine treat to our widows and single folks. I love that God gave me a little ministry to those who no longer have a loved one to give them a valentine; or maybe they have never married.

I spend lots of time looking for a new treat to make. It's so much fun! I love the search equally as much as the making and the taking. I have made sugar cookie hearts - half dipped in chocolate...chocolate peanut butter fudge...and a cupcake with a chocolate heart on top. This year...

Pecan Shortbread Hearts

Jay was my delivery man this year as I was scheduled to work. I was able to add ribbon to hang them on the door if not at home. I could not have done it without him.

We are studying the fruit of the Spirit on Sunday nights. The first fruit in the list is Love. My favorite truth about love is this...
"You can give without loving....but you cannot LOVE without GIVING."

God is LOVE...and God gave His own Son for me. Romans 5:8 says that He demonstrated His love by dying on the cross in my place. Love is meant to be demonstrated. Someone has said that love is a verb...not a noun. (smile)

There is a hymn I love entitled, “Here I Am, Lord”. (Forgive me, I always turn it around because in my KJV Bible, Isaiah said, “Here am I, Lord. Send me.” Isa. 6)

I love the chorus:  “Here am I, Lord....Is it I, Lord?....I have heard You calling in the night...I will
                             go, Lord...if you lead me...
this is my favorite part - I will hold Your people in my

That is what God has taught me in the short time we’ve been in our present pastorate. My biggest ministry here is to love “our” people. It’s important to treat everyone the care about them equally. This time, I have made a conscious effort to LOVE...and to demonstrate that love by giving. I try to be sensitive to the Spirit, so I will know when this demonstration of love is most needed. It is not always a physical need, and doesn't always involve food.

It means paying attention (something I am not naturally good at). Knowing someone’s favorite food, or preferences. I have one member who loves pimiento cheese! So, every time I come across a new recipe using pimiento cheese...I file it away. So far, she’s gotten pimiento cheese soup...and pimiento cheese cornbread.

The crazy part is who gets blessed the most????   Me.  Well, God did say... “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

I often fail. I get busy and I forget. My own difficulties get in the way.

Thank You, Lord, for Valentine’s Day - my opportunity to minister.

Help me to hold Your people in my heart.


Alex and Jill said...

Love everything about this post and I LOVE you!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful blog! And SO you! Love you! Mom >

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

love this, will have to work on doing some loving on my friends who do not have a Valentine next year:) hugs

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

love this, will have to work on doing some loving on my friends who do not have a Valentine next year:) hugs