Monday, March 12, 2012

Quotable Quotes

Today, I am going to share two quotes I've heard or read lately - that made an impression on me.  I become ever more aware that I am the sum of all the people and events that have impacted my life.  There are no "self-made" people in this world.  So, here we go!

#1 - "An acceptable sacrifice was always one without spot or blemish, the best one might have. All were required to offer and it was always for God's glory...never for the person offering the sacrifice. When we offer a 'sacrifice of praise' we should do no less!"  (Ed Steele, New Orleans Seminary professor)

We are such a blessed nation, we seldom do without anything.  We struggle, I fear, to fully comprehend the meaning of sacrifice - and we take so lightly what we offer up to our God.  We are commanded to offer the sacrifice of praise - the fruit of our lips (Hebrews).  How often do I just throw something out there...without spending quality time preparing, practicing, striving to give my very best praise to Him?  How often to I give Him my leftover time...the crumbs of my self.

 #2 - 1 Timothy 6:6(posted by a sweet, young mother on FB)...

"But godliness with contentment is great gain."

I usually seem to focus on the word contentment exclusively...but today both godliness and contentment captured my attention.  It isn't merely contentment that is great gain, or profit - it is godliness AND contentment that bring great gain.

Godliness: Being more and more like my God...
  • in my attitude and my actions
  • filled with His Spirit
  • demonstrating the fruit of the Spirit
  • knowing Him and seeing everything the way He does
Contentment: Being satisfied with my...
  • possessions
  • situation
These are quotable quotes...worthy to be read and re-read...
and shared.


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