Monday, April 26, 2010

The Whole Earth Praises

I woke at 4:45 this morning and you know what I heard? 


Birds singing, singing, tweeting, chirping...did I say singing????

Did I mention it is DARK outside?  But out there in the dark...the birds are singing their little hearts out. 
They are praising God...first thing in the morning...before the sun even begins to light the sky.

I jumped out of bed...ran to the kitchen...and looked out.  I couldn't see the birds...they were nestled in the branches of the trees...but I could see the trees with their limbs and leaves ...waving in the breeze....praising the Lord.

Different thoughts from scripture began to flood my mind...
  • Let everything that has breath...praise the Lord!
  • If we won't praise Him, the rocks will cry out His praise ( I wonder what this sounds like)
  • Praise, ye the Lord!
  • He is worthy of all praise!
  • The whole earth is full of His glory!
So, I have grabbed my yogurt...some delicious caramel vanilla coffee (thank you, Pillie) Bible and my new bible study and I am about to have some praise time!  I am going to join the birds and the trees and all of creation.  I am going to stop the rocks from crying out this morning.

Praise the Lord!  Creator...Giver of Life - Eternal!...the Lover of my soul...Holy, Holy, Redeemer and Friend...Praise!

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