Friday, April 23, 2010

Driving, Driving, Driving

No pictures this week - too busy.  Have driven many miles this week.

I worked Monday...then drove to Batesville and picked up my Mom....then drove to Little Rock.  Mom had surgery Tuesday morning - I do not know the technical term - but she had one blocked carotid artery.  Well, no more!  Cleaned out and good to go.  Had some bp issues, so did not get discharged until almost noon yesterday.  3 days in bed had taken their toll, so she decided to stay at Kevin's for a few days.

I started my journey home, driving first to Batesville to leave Mom's car and pick up mine.  Then across to Osceola once again.  Got home about 7:30 and felt a little weary.  Good night sleep and now I am loaded
and about to leave to meet Joy and Jill in West Memphis and head for Atlanta, GA to hear Beth Moore.  I am so looking forward to hearing the WORD and worshipping with other women and Travis Cottrell as our leader.  Joy said we're going to "get fixed" - LOL!  The Word is definitely good for whatever ails you.

The "new" Word that God has thrilled my heart with this week is from Psalm 50, verse 5: "Gather my saints together until Me; those that have made a covenant with Me by sacrifice."

Glory!  That's me!  The Word says those who trust in Jesus are saints!  And my covenant (contract) with my Jesus is based on His supreme once for all sacrifice of Himself...satisfying God's me access to the Father through Him. 

I am just waiting for the gathering together...even so - come, Lord Jesus!


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