Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Week

Preparing for Easter is a little bit like preparing for Christmas...without the shopping and the crowds and all the family being together...okay - maybe it's not like preparing for Christmas at all!  But we had family coming!  This is special because our family is now divided by a 3 hour drive and as everyone is active in
their own church, we are not together on many Sundays.

On Monday, Jay and I were at First Christian Church bright and early - he preached and I sang...yes, at 7 a.m.!  A good start to Easter week!

On Tuesday, Melinda and I went junk shopping - we call them antiques - and I found a very neat old crystal platter with it's own carrying handle - and I created this Easter arrangement for my dining table...

See the glass handle in front of the cross?  Cross, grass, candy, empty egg (symbolizing the empty tomb),
and the little bird - new life!

Late in the afternoon on Friday, this arrived...

From my sweet brother, Kevin and his wife, Sandi.
The card had Happy Easter and all of Acts 1:11
handwritten on it...I cried.

Friday night, Andrew and Elaina arrived.  It was Andrew's birthday and I had made
his favorite...

Lemon Bars

Oh, I forgot, earlier...the doorbell rang and our new neighbor brought this...

We had taken food over to welcome them...and she wanted to reciprocate...wasn't that sweet?

On Saturday, we were lazy ...

while Jay made a flying trip to Cave City to perform a wedding...and back....

Then we took Andrew and Elaina up to see Cary, Sara, Jackson and Millie in their new home.  Sara made birthday cake for Andrew...

Yes, he is blowing out votive candles...Sara is resourceful like that...

Then we made a flying trip to Sikeston, MO to Lambert's, home of the "throwed roll"...


A & E

Sweet Jackson Luke

Millie Elizabeth

Sunday morning was a flurry of baking...

Pecan Crusted Pork Tenderloin

Banana Pudding Pie
(courtesy of Lick the Bowl Good)

Green Bean Bundles

I won't bother to post the potato salad with the almost raw potatoes that everyone politely ate.  :)

And saving the best for last in this long, long post....

We worshipped our Lord and Savior on this special day we set aside
to celebrate His resurrection from the grave - EASTER.

He lives!  Hallelujah!

Every Sunday we celebrate the resurrection...but on takes
front and center stage. 

What a Savior! 

An empty tomb! 


Power over death, hell and the grave!

Because He lives...I will never die...end of the story.
John 11:26.


Alex and Jill said...

Awww...these pics make me wish I had been there! The flowers are sweet of them to send those. :)

Love you!

The Disheroons said...

All I have to say is that I wish I had eaten Easter lunch at your house. YUMMY. We had spaghetti. blah It was quick and easy though.

elainaann said...

So glad we got to spend the weekend with you! We really enjoyed it. And those pecan crust porkchops were delicious! Honestly... best pork chops I've ever had. :) Love you!

The Disheroons said...

Guess what you won the freezer jam. I just need your address to mail it to you.

The Disheroons said...

My email is so you can email your address to me.