Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Rest of the Story

This morning I woke at 4:30 and decided I would go ahead and get started on my day. I had my usual breakfast of Greek yogurt and blueberries and my major vice, Diet Dr. Bible study and prayer...and then running through the shower and getting ready for work.

I got my fruit print tablecloth (one of my favorites) metal vase and purple flowers...and my gold bird (that all sounds crazy!) and took off for Blytheville.  I went straight to Kroger and got some cokes...fruit plates...cups and silverware.  All the time I was praying my co-workers would be late, so I could get everything ready before they got there.  I hurried to make a birthday poster in Publisher.

I managed to get everything ready...and here it is!
They were pleasantly surprised...and said the cake was delicious.  I got ice cream and whipped cream to go with it since the ganache was made with semi-sweet chocolate.  I ate a tiny piece as is and it was really good. 

Here are my co-workers...

Louise...who is a July 4th baby!


Romona, whose birthday was the last part of June.

For many years, we always traveled to the churches we ministered in...and we were always the recipients of the hospitality of others.  I desired this particular gift and I began to ask for it.  That is scriptural, Paul said to desire the best gifts.  I think God has finally given it to me.  I absolutely love trying to make others feel loved and special.  The only bummer to me was that the ganache lost its glossy appearance after it set, detracting from the "presentation" but not the taste.  A piddly detail, but there it is.



Alex and Jill said...

I'm sure they felt loved and very special. The cake looks delicious!!

Alex and Jill said...

Oh...and no wonder you were so tired last started your day at 4:30!?? :)