Friday, July 9, 2010

Random Thoughts on Wisdom

This week was the scheduled time to have my wisdom teeth removed.  I opted for the sedation method - I am a chicken when it comes to any type of dentistry.  It went quite well I think.  This is Friday and I feel very much back to my old self.  My sweet Jill has taken very good care of me, allowing her Dad (my Jay) to go back home and take care of business there.

I find the name "wisdom" teeth very thought provoking.  These teeth do not make one wise.  Many people never have any.  There is the old adage, that when one cuts these teeth - one's life is half over.  And although they are named "wise", they are usually not very good teeth and do not last.  At the same time...when you mention wisdom teeth, everyone knows exactly which teeth you are talking about and their removal is felt with commiseration.

I am thankful wisdom is not dependent on a few teeth, aren't you?  Wisdom comes from our Heavenly Father and we must seek her (wisdom is feminine in scripture - Yay!) according to Proverbs and ask for her according to James.  Wisdom can come from experience...a very costly and painful school.  I feel I have gained a lot of wisdom in my 58 years.  On the other hand, sometimes I feel clueless.  It is what my husband would call an "oxymoron" I think.

Almost everyone has wondered why I am having these teeth removed I not a little old?  It's just the way of my life.  Rarely have I done anything the way anyone else does...I always wanted to be different. LOL!  These wise teeth were causing harm to my dental health...and after being told and told for about 5 years that I needed them removed...I did it.  I am either stubborn, hard of hearing, or maybe not so wise after all??? 

It has allowed me some time with Jill and Amelia and Joy and her boys, even Kerri and Kandace came for a visit...time to be lazy and rest and think...hopefully I have even gained a little wisdom.

These are my random thoughts for a week of some pain, some discomfort, and a lot of love and care.  I am truly blessed, and hopefully a little wiser.

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