Thursday, July 15, 2010

YOU Drive...I'll Ride

I love a good mental picture...words or phrases that you can immediately see in your mind.  Ultimately, we only fully comprehend when we can process with a mental picture.  When someone talks about something I can't even begin to see in my mind...I'm lost...unfocused...clueless.  I don't know what they're talking about.

Years ago a group called FFH (I believe stands for Far From Home) had a song entitled, You Drive...I'll Ride.  This song has a catchy tune and good lyrics...and this is the mental image it brings to my mind:

I never saw this movie, Thelma and Louise, but I've seen bits, clips, and photos.  It's not a movie I recommend, it's the visual...a long, sleek convertible - one driving...the other simply riding.
One is in control...the other trusting.  The driver chooses to drive out over the Grand Canyon...the passenger controls the radio and simply rides.

In You Drive...I'll Ride the singer is relinquishing the steering wheel to's about repentance, submission and yielding to God's will.  That's where I've been for a couple of weeks now...letting God break my heart again so I can I can hear the still small voice guiding me to His will...

"YOU take the wheel, I will work the radio
YOU take the wheel, we'll go where YOU want to go
YOU take the wheel, take it fast or take it slow
Wherever YOU choose I'm fine...
YOU drive...I'll ride"

Difficult?  You betcha!  But there is freedom and peace in giving up the steering wheel.
Do I know where I'm going?  Ultimately..."YOU'RE driving me home" -
I'm on a journey...when I accepted Jesus Christ as my destination was settled - forever.

The roadmap however, is another story.  I have no idea where He is leading me...I have to follow...or
"ride along" day by day, hour by hour, moment by moment. I've taken back the wheel so many times, and ended up on a side trip...losing my way...but oh, HE is faithful to draw me back...break my heart again...and I yield up the wheel one more time. And I'll confess, lately I feel like I'm soaring off into the Grand Canyon, scared and trembling. I know He is in control and He is Good and His purposes are BEST.

The truth is destination was settled in 1972.  What God is interested in most my journey. He is faithfully transforming me into the image of Christ, bit by bit...experience by experience...relationship by relationship...trauma by trauma...trouble by trouble...grace by grace...when I yield and trust and most of all, cooperate with Him, by handing the steering wheel back to His most capable hands.

So, my prayer today once again is...Lord, YOU drive...I'll ride.


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Kevin said...

So hard to give it all up to Jesus, but oh so fulfilling when we do!