Sunday, August 30, 2009


I'm a bawlbag. I cry easily - I cry at any thing that is touching. My grandsons recently watched the Hannah Montana Movie, and their comments were all about whether Granny would be crying at this point or that. And of course - they were right! I cry over commercials, Hallmark cards, touching stories - and I have trained my daughters well. We can't share much of anything without tears! They are not sad tears - they are just how we express ourselves. We can be laughing - and shedding tears at the same time! Tears release some sort of healing power - but can also be exhausting! There's another amazing thing about tears - we never run out of them - we never seem to run dry. I am glad God gave us the gift of tears.


Alex and Jill said...

I will make sure to pass on our bawlbag tendencies to A. (LOL)

Love you, Momma!!

elainaann said...

You not only passed it to your daughters, but to your daughter-in-laws as well. :)

Nitzia said...

so sweet! i think after i had Sara and John William i became even more emotional... it's a good thing i know! when i see people cry i cry too! i think that crying brings a bond between people!