Thursday, January 23, 2014

Surprise! Answered Prayer

I feel like Rhoda today.  Who's Rhoda?  She's the young woman (I always think of her as young) who went to answer the door, and finding Peter (who was supposed to be chained in prison), ran to tell the others.  Only one thing - she forgot to let him in!

Rhoda was surprised.  Why?  Weren't they asking God to deliver Peter?  Yes.   

Why are surprised when our prayers are answered?  It seems that when God answers my prayers, He does it quickly.  He often uses ways I never considered. 

I have had two prayers answered this week.  One I have only been asking for a week or so.  The other I received help the very next day!

The first answer I would not have known about if my friend hadn't called to tell me.  She was at work - I was at work.  She called and I said - can you call me on my office line?  She said, I don't have time - I just want to tell you one thing.
I said, "Tell me."  Our prayer was answered!  We were both rejoicing and praising God.  It encouraged my heart so.

The second was completely different.  This was a family matter, something that had kept me awake in the night - asking and asking and asking God to move, to intervene, to ACT.  The next morning - things began to happen, God was moving. It drove me to pray hard all morning. 

I ask again, why are we surprised when God answers, when He moves?  I know He CAN, but I'm not always sure He WILL.  I need to pray to know His will so I can pray in accordance with Him.

We still need God to move - things are still not as they should be.  But I'm praying with confidence, I'm seeking His will - I've joined with other believers to pray in unity.  I'm not going to surprised when He answers. 



Mom said...

Just got o the computer and got caught up on your blogs! I still say you should be a writer Such good words. Thank you.!! Love you, Mom

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