Friday, January 10, 2014

A Pet Peeve

I probably have several pet peeves, but today - I am only going to mention one. 

I want to start by saying that anything with the title Christian on it - should be the best.  It should be clean, holy, as pure as possible.  Agreed?

Too much of the time we give our left-overs, our second best, our "least amount of effort required" not realizing that as a follower of Jesus Christ, everything...EVERTHING...we do is to bring glory to Him.   Everything I do is a reflection on Him, my family, my church - ME.

The pet peeve?

Yes, that's it.  Bad language, crude language, not the best language, definitely not holy or pure language. 

If my language brings impure images to mind, I can't say it's clean, or holy, or in any way pure.  I am fully convinced that as believers, even our language should be the best, the highest - the most godly language - even the most intelligent language that I can possibly use.  Nothing less can please or glorify my Savior.

Scripture says, " everything to the glory of God,"....and to be "holy as I am holy."  

The one word I would totally eliminate from the English language today is ... I can't say it... it's cr_ _.  I think you can fill in the blanks. I apologize for putting it into your mind. 

I used to never hear this word.  But now, I hear it at work, at church, in the stores, and even on otherwise godly, uplifting blogs.  Parents use it around their children, some preachers even use it from the pulpit.  I'm sorry, but I cannot imagine my Lord Jesus Christ using that word to describe anything, can you?

So there, I've aired it.  My word to stop using is "stink".  Why do I need a word to express my frustration, or my mistake, or my bad.  I'm going to start today to stop using any words that are not edifying in some way...the law of kindness after all is my goal.


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