Monday, September 6, 2010

The Perils of Penelope Pitstop

Most will not have any recollection of Penelope, nor the many perils she faced - since she was a cartoon character of the late 60's.

Doesn't she look just like me? 

Every episode, Penelope faced a new "peril"...most usually involving this guy...

The Hidden Claw!  I don't remember why this guy was always after her, but he
was relentless. Do you recognize him?  I see a strong resemblance between him...
and my enemy (Satan).

While Penelope and her enemy were make-believe...I am a real person and my
enemy is very real as well.  And while I've not yet been tied in a chair, or tied to
the railroad "perils" are spiritual and often feel as confining and they
are definitely as desperately dangerous.

I know whenever we make any decision to follow God in any way,
to be obedient, to get out of the boat and walk on the water with Jesus...
the enemy comes...and like the Hidden Claw - he is relentless!

Jesus said Satan comes to steal, and kill and destroy.  In 1 Peter 5 we're told
to be serious and vigilant...why? 
  • Because our enemy is like a roaring lion...roaring - to paralyze his victims
    with fear.  Have you ever felt fear?  If not, I  am pretty sure you haven't
    stepped out in faith to follow the Lord's calling.
  • Because he's roaming about seeking those he can destroy.  If I'm not on
    guard...if I'm not alert...vigilant - he will destroy me in any way he can.
There's more to this story.  Penelope had a group of goofy dwarf-like guys who
would always come to her rescue. 
But I have...
  •  Jesus Christ - the Creator of the universe, My Savior
  • The Holy Spirit - my Comforter and my Power
  • The Word of God, which exposes Satan's lies and tricks.
If I take the warning of God's Word seriously, if I am vigilant, if I am on guard,
if I am prayed up and studying The word daily -

I do not have to cower in fear when Satan roars.
I do not have to be deceived by his lies.
I do not have to be destroyed by his tricks.

And just like Penelope (who came out the victor in every episode)...

I can be victorious through Jesus Christ my Lord.  Praise God!


kelliegene said...

Amen, sister! I pray you keep safely away from the wiles of the Hidden Claw. Love you!

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

Amen!! At one time I had been so sifted by the enemy that I was just beat down, I spent three days reading God's word and underlined every time He put the devil in his place, then I began to realize how big and how GREAT God is, and the power the cross/Jesus gave us to over come the enemy!! I began to walk triumphantly over the enemy, only to fall back sometimes and be reminded that God is greater then any enemy we may have, I also learned if you can touch it its not your enemy:) our battle is not against flesh and blood, but sure feels like it sometimes, mostly my own flesh:) Lets stay hid in the cleft of the Rock:))) hugs

Alex and Jill said...


Exactly what Alex spoke on this Sunday! He just finished up the spiritual warfare series.

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