Friday, September 17, 2010

Finding Joy in My Kitchen

One of the blogs in my favorites is entitled "Finding Joy in My Kitchen"...well, this past weekend that's exactly what happened to me...

I found Joy in my kitchen - my daughter, Joy!

Last Saturday was the day of a brunch that for months and months I've been thinking on, and planning, picking gifts up for, planning, thinking ...get the picture?  I so wanted to make the ladies of First Baptist feel special and blessed and challenged! The theme changed, the format changed, but one thing remained the same, I wanted Joy to come to demonstrate and to speak.

Here's the sign-up table in our church foyer...

We finally settled on "A Woman's Armor" and used an apron to represent that armor. My daughter-in-love, Sara, helped me set up this display (she's so talented!).

Joy is a very busy young wife and mother.  But after a hard day of work, she loaded up and drove 3 hours to my house and we began cooking and laughing and cooking and laughing.  (There is always much laughter when any Weavers get together.)  It was a late night due to the goofy mix-ups we made and an early morning on Saturday, to get everything ready and in place before the ladies arrived.  She even made Spiced Pecans that we bagged up as favors for each special lady who would come.

Joy has never done this type of thing before, but I just knew she "had it in her" and I knew she would pray and seek what God would have her to say.  Although nervous - she was exactly the right person and God knew that.

40 ladies came!  I was so busy and scattered, my camera stayed in my purse until it was over and I remembered it, but Shantele was gracious enough to share these photos she took with her phone.

Our menu was:
                       Bacon and Spinach Quiche
                       Blueberry Scones
                       Fruit K-bobs
                       Sunshine Punch, Coffee and Tea

God was so good to help me find door prizes, which I think the ladies loved.  We gave away aprons,  candles, coasters (made by Sara), and the 3 dishes Joy prepared in demonstration time - fun, fun! 

First, Joy demonstrated 4 easy recipes for everyone, whether you cook or not and spoke about using our
homes to minister and reach out to others.  After brunch, she spoke about our armor as women:
                A meek and quiet spirit and what that really means...
                            A servant's heart

Even amid power outages (no A/C, no sound system) - everyone was patient and gracious and God was there. We were so blessed!

Thanks so much to everyone who helped me - thank you FB Ladies for embracing the idea and coming and Thank you, Joy!  Most of all, Thank You, Lord - for every good gift You give us and for meeting with us whenever we gather in Your name!


Alex and Jill said...

I so wish I could have been there! I know she did a great job...all of your ladies were telling me about it on Wednesday evening!

Nitzia said...

soooo sweet! I love that special bond you have with your daughters specially when it comes to minister together and also you always have something very special and creative to share with your ladies. You need to share the details later on so maybe we can do this with our class meetings :)

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

ohhhhh sounds so much fun!! wish I had been there!

Faith said...

What a neat time! I love womens' events like this. I just love that picture of sweet Joy too. You are one blessed Mama!