Monday, August 2, 2010

Exactly What We Need

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind for me.  God has been giving me a new assignment - one that challenges me to my very that allows me to use my giftedness in a new that forces me to lean on Him completely. 

It's been a wonderful, terrifying, anxious, joyous, roller coaster ride.  When God calls us to something...Satan begin his attacks - to discourage us and make us doubt.  He uses unsuspecting people...good people...even God's people to do his dirty work.

Where am I going with this?  To this wonderful, amazing truth...God knows exactly what we need.

Everytime I've desperately needed direction...God has given it.
Everytime I've needed affirmation and encouragement...God has supplied it.
Everytime I've been tempted to quit...God has reminded me of His calling and promise to be with me.

This past week for 3 days I got to keep these 2 precious grandbabies...

Millie Elizabeth...8 months


Jackson Luke - 2 years 7 months

God knew that is what I needed.  I really doubted my ability to take care of these two - at my age? It's been so long...can I do this?  But before bedtime the first day...I was back in "mom" mode and everything was under control.  It was a needed break from things that were beyond my control...things that were filling me with anxiety.  It was busy...full of laughter and kisses and hugs and dirty diapers and potty training and a new appreciation for Jello (Jackson's new favorite thing).  I got to build my relationship with two of my grandchildren - precious! It was wonderfully tiring - and I was so glad we were able to help Cary and Sara have a little time away and alone.

They went home last night and it was very quiet here.  And you know what?  All the challenges and anxieties came back in full force.  Today, I've been oppressed and heavy in spirit and nauseated in body.  I've read scripture and I've prayed...

And on my way home from work...God gave me the answer.
When I got home...God sent me encouragement and afffirmation through a most unexpected source.
He reminded me AGAIN of His call on my life and His ability!
And then God gave me this week's resources...done! 

It reminds me of a Brooklyn Tabernacle song entitled How Many Times...

How many times must I prove how much I love you?
How many ways must my love for you I show.
How many times must I rescue you from trouble,
For to know just how much I love you?

How many days must I build a fence all around you?
How many nights must I wipe your tears away.
How many storms must I bring you safely through
For you to know just how much I love you?

Didn't I wake you up this morning,
clothed in your right mind?
When you walked up on a problem,
Didn't I step right in on time.
When you were weak along life's journey,
My angels carried you,
So you would know just how much I love you.

Didn't I put food on your table,
Show up when the bills were due?
When the pains were wracking your body,
Didn't I send healing down to you?
When you were lost in sin and sorrow,
I died to set you free.
So you would know just how much I love you.
God always knows exactly what we need and He is SO able and willing to supply -
Praise His Holy Name!


elainaann said...

Amen! I've been praying about something too. I had a thought several weeks ago after reading something on a blog. I don't know if it me telling me to do this or God calling me to it. I just know that I want to be sure before I do it because it won't be easy.

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

Good post, I can so relate, I had Hannah's three for five days, ust got back in momma mode and it fet good:) was wore out by the time the came home and did carrymy wooden spoon but ready to go forit again:) it is a much needed break and I love those grand babies:) hugs

Kevin said...

Thanks, Sis, for the fun-to-read reminder that He is always with us, supplying our every need.

And E ... praying for your direction.

Nitzia said...

Amen my friend!! so glad you got to spend quality time with your grandbabies! you are a great grandmother :)