Saturday, August 7, 2010

Raindrops on roses...

These are a few of my favorite things...  so the song goes.

I am sharing my newest favorite things first...

Last night we came home with this!

Yes, it's a Yamaha! 
But it is not a mower, or a 4-wheeler, or a motorbike, or one of the
gazillion other things they manufacture...

It's a....

88 keys!

(and yes - it is on my counter in the kitchen at present, but I do have a stand,
see it in the background?)

The first thing I did this morning?  Yep, you got it...played the keyboard.  Last
thing last night..oh, yeah...played the keyboard.  I do love it.  It is going to
greatly enhance my service to my Lord!

Next, please!


My dear friend, Kellie, gave me this!
She did my life verse, for which this blog is
entitled, in calligraphy and framed it.
It's's perfect...I love it.
I hope to use it in my blog header in the very
near future.

And my last favorite thing for this episode...

Handpainted cabinet knobs...with leopard
accents to complement my leopard shower
curtain (which I love but did not photograph.)

Oops!  I found more!

This is my mom's living room, newly painted -

Color?  Bleached wheat - she loves it.

And now, a new recipe...

Lemon Shortbread
(secret ingredient - cornmeal!)

The end.



Alex and Jill said...

I can't wait to hear you playing your new keyboard!! And the picture from Kellie is beautiful...that's a wonderful gift.

Maybe we should paint the bathroom cabinet now that you have those cute those!

Momx6 said...

What? You don't think my cabinet looks good? LOL! The knobs are definitely in a different category than the cabinet.