Monday, August 16, 2010


My pastor's wife friend and former co-worker, Jeannie, asked me to speak at
a retreat for her ladies.  That was months ago.  The day finally arrived
this past Friday and I was on my way.

I had prayed and God had told me to share...
  • About women
  • About what He's been doing in me
  • A challenge
On the way there, I began to second guess myself... "I don't know these girls - maybe
this is not what I should share!"..."Lord! Give me something - a verse, anything!".  But
of course, I got nothing (He had already given it to me.).  I finally thought - this is what
I have and this is what I'm sharing.

I arrived and supper was almost on the table.  We sat down and began to visit and eat,
share and eat, laugh and eat...(did I mention eat?). 

After supper, we did the Lawnmower Song...just to work off our healthy meal
and have fun!

The time came for me to share my heart.

It's an amazing thing to share God's Word and His the Holy Spirit brings
things to mind that you haven't planned: verses, stories, illustrations.  And these girls, had
already become my friends.

That's another amazing thing.  Girls can share things with each other that they can't
share with men, not even their husbands, simply because we're girls.  God made us that
way.  He instructed the older girls to teach the younger girls.  It just works.

I got to share about the calling God has given to me...and what He's been up to in
my life and my heart.  What a privilege to be a co-laborer together with Him!

And then...I was able to challenge them to find God's calling for themselves...and to seek
Him with all their listen and hear Him.



Nitzia said...

you are the best mentor ever!! i always miss listening your wise words friend. im sure these girls were blessed!

Kevin said...

Feeling kinda left out here, as your brother, but I guess since it's about kingdom building, I can get over it! Love you.

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

sounds like a great time, it is always wonderful to be used by God:) Your a blessing to all around you!