Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Last Wednesday we started early, leaving the house at 6:45 a.m.  First stop, the hospital in Memphis to be with one of our families. Then we started across the state towards Mount Magazine Lodge for a couple of days.  After a bit on the road, Jay started telling me, "There's this huge spot in my eye - I can hardly see."  I told him probably a "floater" and they go away eventually, but when we stopped for lunch - I took over the driving.

As the day progressed, more spots came into his eye. You can imagine how annoying and distracting it was.  Each day brought no change.

On Sunday, one of our dear ladies offered to contact an Ophthalmologist she knows, which she did on Monday morning.  By 10:00 on Monday, Jay was seeing this specialist who decided he needed to see a retina specialist who would be in her office on Wednesday (today).

This morning, we learned his retina had a large tear - and by 10:30, he had undergone laser surgery and it was repaired.

When I consider in a week's time - his problem was diagnosed and repaired - 2 appointments with specialists, when many wait for weeks to get an appointment... Coincidence?  An accident?  You will never convince me.

I am continually in awe of our Heavenly Father, Who loves and care for us - intimately, one-on-one.
He is the God who knows my name - and Jay's.

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