Friday, December 17, 2010

Jesus Saves

Last year we began presenting a living Bethlehem village, following Mary and Joseph on their journey to the manger.  Our first village was Once Upon a Holy was an unbelievable experience for our church.  This year we were led to attempt to present Jesus Saves, a song written by Travis Cottrell.

Here are a few highlights...

The village begins to take shape (doesn't look very impressive, does it)...

Jake begins the story and tour...David (soldier on the right) is about to read the decree saying "all the world
must be taxed..."

Our guests "shopping" (everything is free!)...

Joseph pays his taxes...

Turned away at the Inn...

Shepherds at the manger..."humblest hearts adore Him"...

Wise men..."the wisest bow before Him"...

"It is done will shout the cross, Christ has paid redemption's cost..."

"...the empty tomb declaring - Jesus Saves!"
(Angel of the Lord rolling stone away - hard to see the flashing light and fog rolling)

"God is making all things new..."

"all the saints will shout together"..."the redeemed will sing forever!"....

Sky "alive with praise"...

Hebrews says that God inhabits the praise of His people.  All I can say is...when you
exalt the Savior - God is pleased!  We sang Jesus Saves 19 times and it never grew

Our ladies sewed and designed costumes for gifts were made, wrapped, bagged
and prepared and all the items given -  from hot chocolate and cookies, to shop gifts - were
donated by our people.   One couple arranges for our live animals; and then they
transport them back and forth to the village every night.

The men built the village and a storm came through and blew it away.  They went out
the very next day and built it again.  They designed and figured out every technical aspect,
including fireworks this year - which were timed precisely to coordinate with the song.

For months we prayed for moderate temperatures, dry weather, good health - and for
those who would come. While we prayed that others' lives would be touched and changed
after this experience -  we discovered that we are the ones who are most changed every year. 
We receive the greatest blessing.

Living Bethlehem 2010 - Jesus Saves is past. LB 2009 was great and we doubted 2010
could be better...but it was!  Now we are praying and anticipating what God has for us
for Living Bethlehem 2011!


Alex and Jill said...

Looking at the pics and you going through the song lyrics again made me start crying! It was amazing. Truly. I need to post these on my blog soon.

elainaann said...

So wish I could have made the trip up to go through this. It looks incredible!!!

Faith said...

Wow, I got chills while looking at all these pics and hearing that song in my head while reading. So powerful. What a blessing to all that attended, and those who participated too!

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

wow......wish I had drove down!! what a blessing!