Monday, June 22, 2009

The Journey

I am on a journey. No, not down the road, or to the store - or even across the state to see my beloved children and grandchildren, or my parents. I am on a journey through this thing we call - LIFE. This journey isn't a mere jaunt, or a day-trip - it's definitely not a vacation! It's a life-long trek. God is leading me along on this journey. He is continually trying to teach me, change me - conform me to the image of His Son - Jesus. What are His tools? LIFE. He uses the joys, troubles, trials, people, everything in my life - all of which He allows to come my way. Nothing can come my way, unless He allows it, because I belong to Him. Whenever I think I've learned it all, I've got it down "pat", He allows something to come along that wakes me up! He shows me - "Girl, you've got a long way to go yet." I almost can see Him smile and shake His head - or shake His head sadly in disappointment. This past week, while sharing with a dear sister God has placed in my life, was one of those times. I've been struggling with something I believe I'm supposed to do for Him. But I've been waiting for a flash of light - a sign in the sky - a voice from heaven! My sweet friend, not knowing God was using her, said - "We have to step out in faith - get out of the boat." Well, I did see a flash of light - the truth. I starting laughing - I felt like I was starting all over in this journey. Faith! Of course, I know this. The just will live by FAITH. Without FAITH - it is impossible to please Him. I had been asking God to make His way so plain, I would not have to exercise any faith. How elementary can one get? So, once again, my dear Heavenly Abba (Daddy) took particular care to show me - I haven't arrived. Once we stop growing, learning, changing - we have stopped in our journey. I smile as I confess - I am still on the journey. "Lord, remind me to stay focused on You, so I won't be distracted - won't become prideful - won't think I've arrived. Help me to be able one day to say with Paul, " I have fought a good fight, I have kept the faith, I have finished my journey. Amen."


Alex and Jill said...

It seems like Alex and I have this conversation a lot. :) Great post.

elainaann said...

:) Thanks for sharing this.