Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Today my thoughts have turned towards communication. Why is communication so difficult? That statement makes me laugh - it sounds ridiculous, doesn't it. I believe one reason is because we think we are communicating when we share information the best way we can. And the truth is, communication does not take place, until the person we are sharing with comprehends and understands. Communication ultimately takes place when the information is truly understood. We often assume we have communicated - when we haven't. We sometimes blame the listener. If we honestly want to communicate, we may have to find various ways to get the information across. We have to be willing to keep trying until we know for certain we aren't just having dialogue - we are communicating. Without communication - there are misunderstandings and hurts. I am praying for those I know who are suffering from miscommunication. I'm so thankful God communicated His love to me and to everyone in this world through His Son, Jesus Christ. I am trusting Him to help me and those I love communicate His love to each other and all those we meet. I am glad He is big enough to even help us with the daily communication that is so necessary for us to be successful in all we do. That is my heart today.


Sara and John William's Mom said...

this is so true! i always to love to hear your perpective about things. This really made think:)

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

well said:) hugs:)