Tuesday, May 21, 2013

When God Is Near

We are in the midst of tornado season and we live in the age of instant and constant information.  The tragedy in Oklahoma is on T.V. with live footage, 24/7.  It breaks our hearts and boggles our minds.  Trouble always causes mankind to look heavenward, and to consider God. People who never even think about Him, are made to consider Him.  Those who have some knowledge of Him, consider Him. And those who know Him well.... they gather peace and strength from Him.

When you view the devastation, the homes and buildings reduced to piles of wood and rubble, we are forced to realize (again) that we are miniscule and powerless.  We have NO control over the things that come into our lives.  We can build safe rooms, we can plan routes of escape and we still have no guarantee of safety.  How can one stop a tornado?  Impossible.

What we can do, is place our confidence and our trust in God.  He will never fail us - even in the storm...even in tragedy....even when everything in our life is devastated.  He is there.  This morning this was my daily K-Love verse...

"The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit." - Psalm 34:18

I notice a couple of things:
  • It is when we are brokenhearted that we feel Him nearest. 
  • He is there to save when we are crushed.
  • We are not immune from trouble - brokenhearted....crushed - He is near to those.
  • He doesn't promise to take away the brokenness or the crushed spirit - but to be near...to walk with us and comfort us...to strengthen us.

Many times people ask, "where was God?"   My answer...He was there, nearby, accessible to anyone who will look to Him, trust Him, lean on Him. 

Tragedy can be the hardest thing to understand.  But I have learned in my 61 years...to ask "why?" doesn't get me anywhere.  There is no why.  Jesus made that very plain when he healed the man who had been lame from birth.  His disciples asked why?  The answer?  "For God's glory."

Why does God let us go through trouble...tragedy...tornadoes?  For His glory.  He is glorified when we feel His presence and have His peace no matter what comes our way. 

Look for Him if you are brokenhearted or crushed....He is very close.

If you want to help those in Oklahoma, you can give to the Arkansas Baptist Disaster Relief Teams who are already on their way.  100% of your funds go directly to feeding and helping the victims.  You can give here: http://absc.org/    I did!



Alex and Jill said...

Truth. Love you, Mama!

Jalois said...

Wise words.

Anonymous said...

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